BBC Breakfast star forced to change outfit after Valentine's Day wardrobe blunder

DRESSED to impress on Valentine's Day, Nina Warhurst chose an outfit celebrating love.

But things soon turned awkward for the BBC Breakfast host due to a wardrobe blunder with one of her co-stars.

As loved-up couples celebrate their romance throughout today, Nina decided to kick-start her own celebrations by wearing a stunning white top with a red love-heart design.

Nina was picked to host today's instalment of BBC's morning show, along with fellow host Jon, after a surprise shake-up.

Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood matched her outfit with the more subtle option of a grey dress dotted with black hearts.

This led Nina to reveal that a wardrobe mix-up had taken place backstage.

While chatting with Carol, Nina revealed that Holly Hamilton had turned up to the BBC Studios with the same top.

This led to her co-star being forced to change.

"We've just noticed the beautiful hearts on your dress – I've gone for a similar theme this morning!", Nina told Carol.

Carol replied: "Oh, you have to on Valentine's Day, don't you Nina? Yours is very nice – nice red top!"

Nina returned the compliment by saying: "As is yours!"

She then added: "And actually, Holly came in in the exact same top as me this morning, and she's had to quickly change so that we weren't matching!"

Meanwhile, Jon was not in the spirit to celebrate love on Valentine's Day, unlike fellow presenters, failing to dress for the occasion.

He chipped in blushing: "I had no idea!"

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Jon decided to humour his co-stars when he showed Carol a newspaper clipping of a dog with a natural black heart-shape on his fur.

"There's plenty in the papers, and we showed this earlier, but look – this is like matching Carol's dress!", he commented.

Jon added: "This is Splodge, the Pointer, with a heart coat. Have you seen that, it's almost identical to Carol's top!"

"Aww, he looks good in that, though, I must say", Carol giggled.

Referring to his lack of preparation for Valentine's Day, Jon seemed to find the perfect solution and suggested borrowing Holly's top.

"I'm feeling completely underdressed!", he giggled, adding: "Maybe I can borrow Holly's top?"

And when a report about forgetfulness caused by the Covid-19 pandemic gave people an excuse to forget Valentine's cards, Jon was even more inspired for his jokes.

"If you're waking up this morning and have just seen this newspaper report, and looked at Nina's top and thought, 'Oh my goodness I've forgotten it's Valentine's Day' – you can just say you're stressed and sad, and that's your excuse", he commented, branding Nina a "romantic."

Holly, truly amused by the blunder, joked about it on her Twitter account with a snap of her and Nina.

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