BBC backlash as viewers slam ‘utterly pathetic’ Prince Harry coverage

Prince Harry and William: Expert on 'altercation' detailed in Spare

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BBC Breakfast was met with a backlash from viewers over the increased coverage of Prince Harry memoir, with many claiming it was being given too much “attention” and labelling the broadcaster as “utterly pathetic”. Ahead of the release of Spare, which is set to hit shelves next week, leaked extracts have been shared by the Guardian.

BBC royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell detailed his thoughts on the leaked extracts to host Ben Thompson.

“There is no comment from Kensington Palace,” he made clear.

“I suspect that will be the position throughout today and throughout the coming days.

“The second thing to say is the BBC hasn’t seen an actual copy of this book, but it’s absolutely clear The Guardian’s correspondent in New York has got a copy of the book despite the very tight security.”

Nicholas accused Harry of being “resentful” about being “the spare” and “the younger brother” of the Royal Family.

Referring to the alleged altercation between Harry and William, he commented: “As we all know, family disagreements occur, they are best settled in private.

“But as you say, this book, it would appear, is full of specific details of the collapse of this relationship.”

Some viewers slammed Nicholas’ take on the reported incident and took to Twitter to complain about the coverage.

Twitter user @HughEdw31897368 wrote: “This is utterly pathetic. The UK is in dire straits and what are #bbcnews and #skynews leading with?

“Two brothers fighting, a story from a leaked copy of a book. #BBCBreakfast.”

@matt_shoreditch fumed: “As usual @BBCNicWitchell is the monarchy’s mouthpiece.

“So one-sided. It’s clear Harry & Meghan have been treated appallingly with the press briefing against them.

“Now the truth is coming out these unofficial responses smack of desperation @BBCBreakfast #BBCBreakfast.”

@AmoreBrexit posted: “BREAKING NEWS Brothers have a spat about abrasive girlfriend. You really couldn’t make this s*** up! #BBCBreakfast.”

@Tush27J wrote: “Now please go away Nicholas, you awful man and stop talking b*****s! #BBCBreakfast.”

Others shared their critical responses to extracts from Prince Harry’s memoir.

“#BBCBreakfast William was obviously influenced by the press and she wasn’t rude or abrasive at all! #wakeupharry,” @djb0607 penned.

@zeesie raged: “Harry needs to get a life. It’s pathetic. He made his choice so get on with it. #BBCBreakfast.”

@IBuntyedition added: “#ShutUpHarry Just how much attention does one spoilt german prince need? #BBCBreakfast. Nicholas Witchell loves it! It is his role…”

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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