'Batwoman': These 2 Characters Are 'Destined' to Wind Up Together

The CW’s Batwoman closed out its second season earlier this week, bringing Kate Kane’s (Wallis Day) story to an end and fully embracing Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) as Gotham’s caped crusader. The finale delivered plenty of action and suspense, and it introduced a new superhero in Luke Fox’s (Camrus Johnson) Batwing. However, with the exception of a farewell kiss between Kate and Sophie (Meagan Tandy), the episode was lacking in the romance department. 

With COVID-19 restrictions in place when the series was filming, Batwoman’s second season faced obstacles to including intimacy between its characters. That’s something showrunner Caroline Dries is cognizant of heading into season 3, which has the potential to spice things up. 

Not only does the showrunner hope to include more LGBTQ romance in the upcoming season, but she teased another pairing on the horizon: Luke and Mary Hamilton (Nicole Kang). 

Caroline Dries sees a romance between Mary Hamilton and Luke Fox as an ‘obvious’ development

While Kate and Ryan both have somewhat tumultuous love lives when they’re introduced, Luke and Mary aren’t focused on finding “the one.” In fact, the two of them spend most of their time pre-Batwoman exploring their own individual passions. When Team Batwoman does emerge, they’re constantly helping out with missions. 

Being a superhero’s sidekick doesn’t leave a ton of time for intimacy, and that’s likely why neither of them has shown much interest in romance. That hasn’t stopped fans from shipping them, though, pointing to the characters’ chemistry as a clear reason they should get together. 

Caroline Dries seems to agree, telling Entertainment Weekly that the duo seems like an “obvious” match. She hinted that the show could build on that side of their relationship, emphasizing that she wants it to happen “naturally.” 

“I feel bad continuing to make this promise, but in my mind these two are sort of destined to be together, so that’s why I’m not really rushing it — because it feels so obvious to me,” Dries explained. 

What’s taken these ‘Batwoman’ characters so long to get together?

If Luke and Mary are “destined” to wind up together, fans might be wondering why Batwoman hasn’t gone there yet. Apart from COVID-19 restrictions limiting what the series could accomplish in season 2, Dries pointed to how busy Luke and Mary typically are. Mary’s clinic tends to be her first priority, while Luke spends most of his time on screen assisting Batwoman. 

“They just have so much drama in their lives,” Dries told Entertainment Weekly. “They’re always putting out fires, so there’s not a whole ton of time for their love story to evolve. But this season we’re going to try to eke it out a little better.”

On the bright side, Mary and Luke tend to be together when they’re putting out those fires. The finale even saw Luke sweeping in and saving Mary, embracing a trope that’s been used before in the series. With season 3 planned for the fall, it’s possible this moment is just the first step to taking their relationship to the next level.

Will romance be a greater focus in ‘Batwoman’ Season 3?

Although Dries hasn’t given a definitive answer as to whether Luke and Mary will get together during Batwoman’s third season, the odds seem pretty good. However, Dries hinted they could wind up in a love triangle at some point — especially if Cluemaster (Rick Miller) and his daughter, Stephanie Brown (Morgan Kohan), make another appearance.

“We’d love to bring them back in season 3, as they are rich, interesting characters, and from the looks of things, Luke and Stephanie have some unresolved business,” Dries said.

That unresolved business could shake things up for Luke and Mary, or it could be the very thing that drives them together. From the look of it, they aren’t the only characters who might get a romantic subplot in season 3 either.

Despite how busy Ryan will be searching for her birth mom and cleaning up Gotham, Dries suggested Batwoman’s lead could also find a new love interest in season 3. It’s something Javicia Leslie wants to see for her character, especially since things didn’t work out with Angelique (Bevin Bru).

After all the struggles they’ve been through, these characters certainly do deserve a little happiness in their personal lives. Hopefully, season 3 delivers on that front.

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