Bachelor 2022 tonight LIVE- Clayton Echard fans SLAM Shanae for being a ‘toxic bully’ as ‘villain’ Cassidy is eliminated

THE Bachelor Clayton Echard fans slammed Shanae Ankney for her "toxic behavior" and "bullying" the other women.

Episode three of The Bachelor showed Shanae continue to make problematic comments about her fellow contestants' mental health – as well as other concerning remarks.

The backlash toward Shanae came just after her ex bff, and this season's other "villain", Cassidy Timbrooks, was eliminated on tonight's shocking rose ceremony.

Cassidy was slammed for her behavior on episode two's group date.

Fans – and the other women this season – were furious at her "selfish" attitude during a group activity where Cassidy "contributed nothing" and was unapologetic about it.

The Missouri native was introduced to Bachelor Nation in Michelle Young's season of the Bachelorette which aired on October 19, 2021.

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  • H. J. Hayes

    Cassidy's fall: former frontrunner sent home

    Cassidy went from being a frontrunner to a villain fast as more of her personality was aired.

    She was caught on a hot mic saying that she has a longtime friend-with-benefits who she was in communication with as she went on the show.

    Cassidy explained that she told her “friend with benefits” that she will be “away on a show” for a few months and they will hang out when she is back.

    “Whatever show you’re on, let’s watch it back when we’re together,” she told him, to which he said he wanted to do “nasty things” to her.

    Cassidy told Clayton about the relationship, but added that she was still “falling in love” with Clayton, and begged to stay.

    Clayton said there were “too many concerns” when it came to Cassidy and sent her home.

    The other ladies rejoiced, with one saying “the wicked witch is gone.”

  • H. J. Hayes

    When did the season start?

    Clayton Echard’s season began on Monday, January 3, 2022, and he met 31 women on night one.

    Cassidy, Kate, Ency and Tessa went home on the latest episode.

    Salley, Claire, Daria, Samantha, Hailey, Ivana, Jane, Lindsay and Rianna went home before that.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    The rivals had a huge screaming match as their tension reached an all-time high.

    Shanae told the group that she felt "bullied" by Elizabeth but the nemesis expressed she felt the same way back.

    "Elizabeth is so fake," Shanae blasted.

    Once Clayton entered the room, the fighting stopped but the two ladies continued to shoot stern glances at each other.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Clayton confronted Elizabeth about Shanae's claims that her nemesis "bullies" her – and even causes the others to exclude her from the group.

    "I'm very kind to her, I'm kind and I'm an adult. She so quickly turned on me like this and for what?" Elizabeth asked.

    She continued to get more emotional as she talked to Clayton about her experience with her rival.

    "I don't feel like I can even talk to you because I'm just being questioned," she told a confused Clayton.

    He admitted she seemed "sincere" but he has no idea how to proceed with the enemies.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Villain Shanae attempted to garner attention and sympathy from Clayton by telling him a sob story and getting emotional.

    Clayton listened and consoled her but when she was solo in her confessional, her tone quickly changed.

    "I nailed it. I didn't even mean to cry," she said before hinting that the whole thing was an act.

    Fans were quick to slam her "acting" on Twitter.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Fans of the show are furious after they said production forced Sarah into stripping down to her underwear for a group date.

    Many pointed out problematic and outdated reasons for the show to ask a woman to strip down to her underwear.

    Some fans emphasized how messed up the move was as it immediately followed a group date activity where many of the girls admitted to having body issues.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Baywatch icon Nicole Eggert joined the group on the beach for a group date and wore her signature red one-piece suit.

    She promised the ladies a good time as they learned lifeguard training.

    The entire group also changed into a red one-piece suit.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Following their emotional conversation, Clayton decided to give his rose to Sarah during a romantic dinner at a museum.

    Sarah gladly accepted and the two proceeded to dance to a live orchestra and made out in front of the musicians.

    "I think this is the beginning of Clayton and I falling in love," Sarah confessed.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Sarah broke down during the dinner portion of their one-on-one date as she opened up about being adopted.

    The brunette beauty explained that her biological parents had her when they were just 20 but were not in a place to raise a child at that time.

    "I resented it a lot growing up," she explained – adding the tension was even heightened as her adopted parents are white while she is part Vietnamese.

    Clayton assured Sarah he never wants to make her feel bad or unseen, promising to always treat her with the respect she deserves.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Clayton and his one-on-one date, Sarah, had a shocking surprise before their intimate activity.

    Former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin surprised the duo with a scavenger hunt around downtown Los Angeles.

    However, they were asked to strip down completely to their underwear.

    They both agreed, and with Clayton only wearing tight black boxers and Sarah in a bra and underwear, the couple ran around LA.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Bachelor Nation is outraged over several things with Clayton's season, but his controversial style has gotten extra buzz tonight.

    For the second time in a row on tonight's episode, Clayton chose to wear a blazer sports jacket over a hoodie.

    Many viewers were so offended by the style choice, they claimed they would "self-eliminate" at the sight of it.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Kaitlyn asked for anyone present to stand up if they are not proud of something about them.

    The entire group, including Clayton, stood up but it was Hunter's story that appeared to garner the strongest emotions.

    "When I am in a relationship I feel isn't right, I self-sabotage," she said as her voice trembled.

    Hunter broke down in tears and told the group that she had previously been criticized so much by her ex boyfriend, she resorted to changing hair colors and wearing colored contact lenses.

    "He ended up cheating on me anyway. So you only think at that point, 'what else is wrong with me?'" Hunter added.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Bachelorette host Kaitlyn Bristowe stepped in to help Clayton with his latest group date exercise.

    The activity involved Kaitlyn reading a list of vulnerable statements, that if they apply to anyone in the group, they should stand up.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Clayton's latest rose ceremony decision came down to one last controversial contestant, Shenae.

    The "problematic" contestant got the final rose of the night, leaving the other women who were sent home in tears.

    "What am I going to do? Let someone win or have drama? I'm here to win," Shenae promised.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Some of Clayton's women broke down in tears before the latest rose ceremony as the drama with Cassidy got in the way of the cocktail party.

    Many of the hopeful brides-to-be didn't get any alone time with the Bachelor – convincing them their shot at getting a rose was slim.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Despite already having a rose, Clayton said there were "too many concerns" when it came to Cassidy.

    The other ladies rejoiced, with one saying "the wicked witch is gone."

    Cassidy began bawling in the backseat of the car as she yelled "I thought he liked me."

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Cassidy admitted there was a man she had "slept with for a few months" leading up to the show despite maintaining she is single.

    She told Clayton that she is still "falling in love with him" and begged to stay.

    Despite having a rose, Clayton hinted he was going to send her home.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    Following the bombshell that Cassidy may have been seeing a man before going on the show, the contestant appeared shocked at the allegations.

    "I haven't been seeing anyone since Summer 2019," she told him.

    However, after more pressing, Cassidy did admit that she Facetimed a "friend" the day before joining the season.

    She also confessed to wanting to see him again if "things don't work out" at the Bachelor Mansion.

  • Nicole Chenoweth


    After Clayton shocked fans by giving villain Cassidy a rose despite her "mean girl" behavior, the new Bachelor had second thoughts.

    Host Jesse Palmer assured him there are "no rules" and he can decide what he wants to do.

    Clayton then pulled Cassidy aside for a serious one-on-one conversation.

  • H. J. Hayes

    How much do contestants get paid?

    The contestants do not get paid to be on the show.

    Despite contestants competing for free, many of them do receive social media sponsorships after their time on the show.

    However, Reality Steve reported that the Bachelor makes $100,000 for his time on the show.

  • H. J. Hayes

    What did Echard say, continued

    "Again, I'm just so excited to watch it back and have everyone else watch it as well," Echard added.

    He said he "found himself" while filming and he found "everything (he) wanted and so much more."

  • H. J. Hayes

    What did Echard say about the season?

    Clayton Echard's season premiered in January and he's previously spoken out about finding love on season 26 of The Bachelor.

    "I did find love," Echard said in an interview with Good Morning America on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

    "I was a little skeptical going into the whole journey, but I'm so pleasantly surprised that things worked out much different than I thought."

  • H. J. Hayes

    Where is this season being filmed?

    According to Steve Carbone, the creator of RealitySteve, Bachelor Clayton Echard was seen at the Galveston Pleasure Pier in Texas with a woman.

    Carbone follows The Bachelor closely and continuously produces updates – and spoilers – on the filming of The Bachelor.

    Clayton Echard admitted in an explosive teaser trailer for the upcoming season that he had sex and fell in love with each of the top two finalists.

  • H. J. Hayes

    Who was latest The Bachelorette?

    The Bachelorette Season 18 featured Michelle Young.

    On the Bachelorette finale, Michelle chose between Brandon and Nayte.

    Nayte and Michelle got engaged at the end of the season’s final episode.

  • H. J. Hayes

    Who is hosting The Bachelor, continued

    This won't be Palmer's first time hosting an ABC show as he hosted the network’s series The Proposal. 

    Ahead of the season, Palmer posted a picture of Echard and himself.

    He wrote: “Getting ready for tomorrow’s Rose Parade with my guy @claytonechard.

    “Obviously we’ve been practicing our pose symmetry… #WereOnAFloat”

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