'And Just Like That…' Just Dropped a Name Reveal Fans Never Knew They Needed

Sex and the City kept the name of Mr. Big secret until the final moments of the original series. The big reveal turned Mr. Big into John James Preston, effectively making him “real” for the very first time. The moment was a big one, but And Just Like That…, the Sex and the City reboot, outdid the original’s big name reveal with one of their own, although it was far more subtle. Apparently, Carrie Bradshaw’s name isn’t just “Carrie.” Her full name is Caroline Bradshaw.  

‘And Just Like That…’ just revealed that Carrie’s full name is Caroline Bradshaw

Episode 4 of And Just Like That… opened with Carrie waking up in her iconic studio apartment after finding herself unable to sleep in the house she shared with her husband, Mr. Big. In the episode, Carrie ventures into a local deli for a cup of coffee, where the owner nonchalantly calls her Caroline. 

While some fans assumed it was simply a mistake by the deli owner, Carrie has absolutely no reaction to being called Caroline. It is as if, perhaps, she is used to being called by the name. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Carrie is commonly used as a pet name for Caroline or Carolyn. It simply never occurred to fans that Carrie was anything other than Carrie. Even her famed nameplate reads “Carrie.” 

Carrie’s big name reveal was far more subtle than Mr. Big’s name reveal 

The final moments of Sex and the City were climactic. Not only did Carrie return to New York, but she reconnected with her longtime love. One of the most important elements of the series finale was Mr. Big’s name reveal. Michael Patrick King once said that he hadn’t even planned to reveal Big’s real name but was pushed to do so. He said he picked the most uninteresting name he could think up.

Mr. Big’s name might have been uninteresting, but the reveal was something fans of the series had looked forward to for years. Carrie’s big name reveal in And Just Like That... might have been more subtle, but it certainly was more surprising than Mr. Big’s big reveal.

‘And Just Like That…’ wasn’t the first place Carrie’s name was revealed, though

While the episode “Some of My Best Friends’ was the first time anyone spoke Carrie’s full name, the information has been circulating the internet for a while. Back in 2018, Buzzfeed discussed the potential of Carrie having a more formal first name. 

According to the publication, both Wikipedia and The Sex and the City fandom had Carrie listed as “Caroline Marie Bradshaw” several years before the reboot was even announced. Both Wikipedia and Fandom are crowdsourced. Neither website cited where the information came from, and fans note that Carrie seemed to sign legal documents as Carrie Bradshaw, not Caroline Bradshaw. Still, her full name seems to be Caroline. Whether that will factor into future episodes, however, remains to be seen.

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