7 TV, movie and video game robots people DEFINITELY fancy

When it comes to weird crushes, is fancying a robotic character really any weirder than having the hots for Richard Osman (not weird) or crushing on a serial killer (bit weird)? We’re an inclusive bunch here at Digital Spy so we don’t think so. And we’re not even talking about Humans’ Synths or Westworld‘s Hosts, we’re talking actual, electrical robo-droidbots. These are the bots that bring all the boys and the girls to the yard…

1. Ultron from Avengers: Age of Ultron

©  Marvel Studios

James Spader’s psychotic, megalomaniac tin can sure sounds smooth and alluring to admirers on the internet.

2. Robot from Lost in Space (2018)

©  Netflix

The internet swooned when the previously bulky droid was transformed into this updated version in Lost in Space. Its key characteristic? As Bender from Futurama would say, its shiny metal ass.

3. SICO from Rocky IV

Paulie’s robot girlfriend was there to add comic relief in a film that contained themes of death and revenge and we’re somehow still waiting for the spinoff romcom. The robot was so adorable it even had its own track on the Rocky IV Original Soundtrack and was included when they made action figures of the cast.

4. EDI from Mass Effect

©  Microsoft Games

“Best girl 💙,” says vaultgirl on Instagram in response to a picture of EDI from Mass Effect III, and in response muhd_zulhilmi141 adds: “Yeah I admit it. EDI got nice Eva hot body.” Nuff said.

“I enjoy the sight of humans on their knees… that was a joke.” 🎨 by Sav Bakk ➡️savbakk.tumblr.com #MassEffect

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Cosplayers tackling the shapely robot also get lots of likes too…

I like the sight of humans on their knees #EDI #masseffect #andromedalatex

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5. Chappie from Chappie

©  Sony Pictures

It’s not surprising that some Twitter users “fell in love with Chappie” given that there’s an in-depth article discussing how this robot brings the sexy.

6. Maria from Metropolis

©  Paramount

Today’s attractive automatons owe a debt of gratitude to Fritz Lang’s classic film Metropolis. Some may say Maria is a forerunner of C-3P0, but there are plenty who thinks she’s a lot hotter than that implies.

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#fritzlang #metropolis #robot #iconic #sexy #maria

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7. Carl Swangee from Automata: The Series

©  Penny Arcade

When the trailer for your new TV series based on a web comic gets described as a “sexy robot noir” it’s best to roll with it, which is exactly what the creators of Automata did. After winkingly admitting that they made some “some sexy robot choices for #Automata” they also admit they fancy the bot too.

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