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A WOMAN has been labelled "selfish" for not wanting to pay for her friend's holiday, but not everyone agrees with the judgement.

The holidaymaker was part of a group of friends who had all planned to visit Mexico together.

However, one of the group, who went by the name Mary, lost their job while the trip was still in the planning stage.

She then asked her friends if they could pay for her trip after she spent all of her own money on things like concerts and trips – and her own mum refused to cover the costs.

One of the friends explained on Reddit: "Yesterday we had a little meeting to make sure we all bought our plane tickets and to plan a date to go out to buy what we would need.

"Mary then asked 'so who has my plane ticket?' We were all very confused, she then dropped the bomb on us and told us that her mom made her pay back all of the concert tickets and merchandise because she didn’t know how much Mary was actually spending on this.

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"After paying her mom back, Mary was left with $450 (£404). This wasn’t even enough for the round trip plane tickets."

Her friend then rudely said they could each cover her part of the room and plane tickets – which would cost them all an extra $675 (£607).

The woman continued: "I right away said no, that those $675 (£607) could be used towards souvenirs and anything I would buy in Mexico.

"My three other friends said that they could see if their parents could lend them the money because they really wanted Mary to come. "

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She was labelled "selfish" by some of her friends for not wanting to pay for her friend, leading her to reach out to the social media site Reddit to find out if other people agreed.

Most people were on her side, slamming her friend for asking them to pay.

One said: "Mary will ruin this vacation and this friendship.

"If your other friends want to cover her, that's their choice, but you are not obligated to pay for someone who is financially irresponsible."

A second added: "Blowing through all your saved money, knowing you have planned a vacation with your friend group and then expecting them to bankroll your entire share is incredibly selfish."

The Reddit poster later commented that she was going to ditch the trip herself, saying: "I’m going to try and change the date on my plane tickets and hotel room, and turn it into a solo trip."

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Meanwhile one woman said that selfish people ruined her holiday with their poolside behaviour.

And another mum revealed why she hates going away on holiday.

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