Emmerdale’s most tragic deaths from fun fair disaster to caravan crush heartache

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    Emmerdale viewers were anxiously waiting to see who would be killed off as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, with a number of tragic deaths confirmed.

    Bosses have confirmed that there are "eight or nine" possible deaths, and two have already played out on screens in heartbreaking scenes.

    First off, fans said goodbye to Harriet Finch during an hour-long special, after she was killed off in a quad bike accident.

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    Then, poor Liv Flaherty died after being crushed by a caravan in a tragic incident caused by the soap's big storm stunt.

    But over the five decades the ITV soap has been on screens, fans have said goodbye to plenty of other characters in sad circumstances.

    Sarah Sugden

    Sarah Sugden died during a tragic barn yard fire in 2000, which had been started by her son Andy.

    The family were in financial difficulty, so Andy had decided to set fire to the barn to claim the insurance money, unaware that his mum was inside.

    While Sarah was talking to lover Richie about her plans to get back together with ex Jack Sugden, the barn went up in flames and Sarah was too scared to move.

    Although Jack and Richie tried to save her, the barn exploded, killing Sarah instantly.

    Patricia Holmes, Bob Simmonds and Butch Dingle

    Tragedy struck again in 2000, when a faulty lorry crashed into a bus carrying some of the villagers.

    Driven by Pete Collins, the truck lost brake power and caused a number of casualties and deaths, including Patricia Holmes, Bob Simmonds and Butch Dingle.

    Butch had been sat at the back of the bus where the largest amount of damage had occurred, but he didn't die instantly.

    Instead, viewers got to see an emotional moment where he married love of his life Emily, before passing away of his injuries a few hours later.

    Tricia Dingle

    In 2003, a terrible storm hit the village of Emmerdale and caused disastrous consequences for characters including Tricia Dingle.

    Tricia had decided to leave the village after her husband Marlon had slept with Charity, but she decided to return after reading a letter from him that listed all the things he loved about her.

    As she entered the Woolpack to find Marlon, a bolt of lightning hit the pub and the roof collapsed on top of her.

    Although she was rescued by Marlon and Diane Sugden, she suffered extensive injuries and Marlon made the heart-breaking decision to turn off her life support machine.

    Val Pollard

    In 2015, Emmerdale favourite Val Pollard died during a tragic accident at a fun fair.

    During the event, a helicopter crashed into the fun fair, with the explosion trapping her and sister Diane Sugden in the hall of mirrors.

    Though emergency services found them, she begged for Diane to be saved first.

    It was too late for Diane, who had already seen a piece of glass hanging above her, and as she said, "Go on then, do your worst. I’m not frightened of ya," the shard fell and killed her.

    Liv Flaherty

    Poor Liv died after being crushed by a caravan during the soap's 50th anniversary week.

    Fans watched as a storm ripped through the Yorkshire village, with Liv one of the victims of the deadly weather.

    Viewers were left in tears as Liv's loved ones said goodbye to her in emotional scenes.

    A caravan hit Liv and Vinny and while Vinny escaped, Liv was trapped underneath and died after complaining she "could not feel her legs".

    Emergency services broke the terrible news to her family that moving the caravan would kill her, so there was nothing they could do.

    Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm


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