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NEXT time you have a new passport, you may want to hold onto your old one too.

Holidaymakers have been warned that chucking your old passport could lead to problems on your next break.

Julia Wootton, general manager at Te Tari Taiwhenua Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) in New Zealand, said this is because of any old visas and travel dates in it.

She told "Your old passport may have visas for other countries in it, which may need to be referenced when applying for a new visa.

“Some countries that you visit still stamp passports, so you will also be able to see the countries you have visited and the dates of your visit.”

Most Brits are given their old passports back with the corner cut off to show it is an old one.

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If you are sent one back without this snipped, be careful before doing it yourself, she warned.

Julia added: "The Department does not recommend that people do this, as often people mistakenly cut off the corner of their new replacement passport.”

It's not the only big mistake Brits could be making with their passports.

Putting novelty stamps in your passport could cause huge problems at the border.

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Holiday destinations like Checkpoint Charlie have fake stamps as a souvenir – but one woman was stopped from boarding her flight after her tourist stamp invalidated her passport.

If you need a new passport, you should do it this month.

Passport applications are increasing in price next month, the first time in five years.

It currently costs £75.50 for a standard online application for an adult passport.

This is going up to £82.50 – an extra £7 per person.

Kids' passport applications are going up by nearly £5, going from £49 to £53.50.

And don't apply by post, as this costs £10 more than doing it online.

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