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PASSENGERS may not know it, but there are several things they can get for free every time they board a plane – all they need to do is ask.

Getting comfortable on a plane is never easy, but there are things on board that can help.

Here are five of the things you can get on board some flights, without having to pay any extra.

Child activity packs

Flying with children can be one of the most stressful things you do as a parent. However a lot of airlines are prepared for kids getting bored during their journeys.

A flight attendant told Sun Online Travel: "Our airline, and a few others too, have got kid packs with a little journal, so kids can put down the flight details and then they can get the captain to sign off the flight and stamp their journal.

"We'll happily give this to anyone on board flying with a little one as a fun way for them to get interested in flying and to document their adventures.

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"We often have some kids on board who have flown almost as much as us cabin crew members."


The prices for most drinks go up on planes, but water is usually free.

However, most airports will now have a place for passengers to fill water bottles now too, meaning that it's easier to take free water on the plane with you for your journey.

That could be the best way to get a drink on board, with some flight attendants warning that the tank on the plane is rarely cleaned.

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Sue Fogwell was a flight attendant for 22 years and she told Travel + Leisure: "Sometimes, on flights, we would run out of bottled water.

"If you see a pitcher of water on the beverage cart in economy class, skip it — it's from the water tank."

Flight socks

On long haul flights, the risk of deep-vein thrombosis increases, and passengers are recommended to wear flight socks.

Some airlines will hand these out to passengers at the start of the flight, if it's a longer journey, so they can be as prepared as they need to be for the journey.

That's good to know, especially when you look at the prices for the socks both online and in the airport.

However, it is always worth checking with your airline before you board because not everyone does it.

Dental kits

Some passengers swear by brushing their teeth on a flight – claiming it helps them get to sleep.

By following their normal night time routine as much as they can, it helps them drift off more easily.

However, not everyone remembers to put their toothbrush in their bag and instead could leave it in their checked luggage.

Airlines do sometimes hand out dental kits to passengers who want to freshen up after their in-flight meals, or before trying to get some sleep.


Another thing that people need to sleep on planes is earplugs, with the noise of the aircraft and the cabin often preventing people from falling asleep.

These can often be available for free from the flight attendants – passengers need only ask. They might even come with an eye mask as well.

However, as with the socks and the dental kits, it's worth checking to make sure your airline will offer this, so you don't get on board underprepared.

Meanwhile, this is the clever way to get other free things on board planes.

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And here are some other ways to get free drinks during a flight.

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