Exclusive: Ludacris’ Favorite Part About Being a Girl Dad Is Also the Worst Part

There’s a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to the relationship between a father and a daughter. We’ve found that celebrity girl dads have major heart eyes for their daughters, and Christopher Brian Bridges — aka Ludacris — is no exception. The rapper is a proud girl dad of four. He shares Karma, 21 with his ex Christine White; Cai, 9 with ex Tamika Fuller; as well as Cadence, 7 and Chance, 1 with wife Eudoxie Mbouguiengue.

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The Fast & Furious actor admits he is helpless around them. He had a big, bashful grin on his face when telling SheKnows that each of his girls has him wrapped around their finger.

“That’s like the best part and also the worst part [about being a girl dad],” Ludacris tells us. “If they make that puppy dog face to me, it’s like, I don’t know how to say no to them.”

And so his girls get to stay up later, do homework later — “Which is a big no-no! Like, how could I even [agree to that?]. It’s always work before play” — and enjoy extra treats and gifts.

“You name it,” he says. “Like if they put on that face? It’s hard for me to say no. Very hard.”

  • Working & Playing Together

    Ludacris and his daughters have partnered with Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats for their “Treat. Eat. Compete.” limited-edition game, and he says working as a family is going really well.

    “Because they inspire me on so many fronts,” he says. “And we’re making snack night and dinner night and everything fun again because families are doing so much and they’re so distracted. We want everyone to come together and have fun again.”

    This is far from the Bridges family’s first collaboration.

  • Creations For Kids

    Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

    Ludacris also has an animated show on Netflix, Karma’s World, based on his oldest daughter and the dreams she had as a kid of being a rapper. He also co-founded KidNation, a platform with content that is meant to inspire kids to become smarter, kinder, and healthier.

    “If you have the chance to be inspired by [your kids] to do something, I would say do that,” the Grammy winner tells us. “[My projects] are just trying to do something that’s good for [my kids’] entire generation, and then generations to come.”

  • Stop Embarrassing Me!

    Image Credit: Michael Buckner for Variety

    While the world sees Ludacris as a cool and successful rapper, actor, and creator, his daughters see him as loving, giving, and yes, slightly embarrassing. And, I mean, that kind of comes with the territory! Making your kids cringe is one of the “joys” of parenting.

    “I’m the coolest dad until I embarrassed them by doing silly stuff in front of their friends,” he says. “[The two girls in the middle] still think it’s silly…but definitely give them a couple more years, and it’s not going to be funny anymore. It’s like, ‘You can’t do that.’”

  • Along For The Ride

    Image Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images for GCAPP

    Ludacris has been a dad for more than 20 years. And though he has picked up a lot, he says he is not in a place to be giving out tips.

    “I’m still learning myself,” he says. “I’m along the journey. [Parenting is] an evolution. Some of the things I said yesterday, I shouldn’t be saying. It’s all about getting better and progressing.”

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