New Caledonian Sleeper trains from London to Scotland to launch this summer with double beds, ensuite bathrooms, WiFi for passengers

THE new Caledonian Sleeper train is to launch the first London to Scotland journey later this year after a £150 million upgrade.

The new and improved service now includes 75 carriages boasting double beds, the first sleeper train in the world to have them, and ensuite bathrooms.

The new trains, which were due to be launched in spring 2018, will "dramatically improve" the service.

The range of accommodation on board will include also include single beds, bunk beds, 14 accessible rooms for passengers with reduced mobility, "bespoke comfort seats" and extra power points.

There is also a lounge bar for guests to mingle over a drink.

While the service will be open for travel from June 2, a group of passengers were lucky enough to try out the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh out before it is available for the public.

Guests will be able to reserve seats from May with the official launch date to be announced.

Serco, which runs the service, said the new trains will "ensure guests enjoy a unique travelling hotel-style experience, waking at their destination refreshed and relaxed having travelled in comfort through the night".

Managing directer Ryan Flaherty told Herald Sun there was something "magical" about sleeping in London and waking up the other end of the country.

They also addressed a common complaint by passengers who said they were often woken by a large jolt when the two trains joined at Carstairs.

Ryan said it will now be "much more gentle".

Chairman Peter Strachan previously said: "Travelling with the Caledonian Sleeper is a wonderful experience and the new train fleet being introduced will offer a new standard in overnight travel.

"The sleeper is already a fantastic way to travel and the new trains will improve the service dramatically.

"Providing comfort and convenience, it allows plenty of time for a full day of work or
play before transporting you to and from the destinations we serve – without the hassle of flying.

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"The sleeper offers great value for money compared to other travel and accommodation options, and, combined with the new train accommodation, will give guests the journey of a night-time."

Seats will start from £45 per person while double room will cost £335 per room.

Sleeper trains have operated on the London to Scotland line since the 1850s but it was officially relaunched as the Caledonian Sleeper in 1996.

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