Man yells at mum during flight after her kids kick his plane seat – but people are divided | The Sun

A MAN has divided opinion after he yelled at a mum during a long-haul flight because her kids kept hitting his seat on the plane.

The 39-year-old passenger was travelling from London to New York when he said he was sat in front of a woman with two of her kids.

However, soon after the plane took off, he said the kids quickly started hitting and knocking his seat.

He wrote on Reddit: "The plane takes off and the boys start yelling about how this is best day ever, and generally making a lot of noise."

"I turn around and I see that the boy behind me is sitting in a way where he has his feet jammed into the back of my seat."

He said he asked the mum to move her son's feet, which she did – only for the kid to constantly hit the back of his seat with his hands later in the flight.

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The man continued: "I again ask the mother to tell her son not to do that. She rolls her eyes at me, but tells her kid to stop."

Finally, one of the kids kept putting the tray table up and down, hitting his seat, to which he then "lost it" and started yelling at the mum to control them, with her husband also telling the kids off at the same time.

However, the man asked if he was in the wrong, after his own mum said he shouldn't have said anything.

People on Reddit were divided – some people said he shouldn't have reacted so harshly.

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One person wrote: "I probably would’ve spoken to the cabin crew first."

Another said he had "no reason to be so angry".

But others said he was in the right: "You handled the situation pretty well considering you asked the mother multiple times to get her kids under control."

Someone else agreed: "That family was awful and only shouting at them made sure that the kid left you in peace."

A man recently sparked debate online after he told a couple to "control their children" during a flight.

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