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THE next Full Moon or Sturgeon Moon is on August 12th and it is 2022’s final Super Moon.

When the Moon is full AND approaching its closest point to Earth, it’s considered a Super Moon and its lunar influence is believed to be even stronger.

Full Moons are always a time for reflection, thought, and planning rather than action, initiation, or creation.

The phase from Full to New Moon is an ideal time to finish tasks off, review results, ponder next steps, and research options.

As this Full Moon occurs in Leo season, this Moon belongs to Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius.

This means we will feel compelled to consider how we give back to those that support us, to the community we live in, and the world we are spending this lifetime on.



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We all consume, we all take, we all absorb. But what do we give back?

I’m a tarot card reader and use tarot and star sign wisdom to create inspiring forecasts and insights. Here’s what the cards say according to your sign…

ARIES – The World

You have a big engine, a strong constitution and lots of energy.

You can do more in a day than many of us can in a week so your ambitions in terms of altruism should be equally epic and far-reaching. You need a challenge to get you going!

The World is the tarot’s final card and asks you to consider setting yourself a challenge in terms of donating, fund raising, helping out or making a difference this year.

Look globally, look far afield, look at a cause or issue you believe needs support or awareness, and find a way to contribute.

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TAURUS – Five of Wands

You are a great mediator because you are stoic, unflappable, calm, and objective.

You think things through deeply and come to (typically) rational and just conclusions.

The Five of Wands asks you to help heal a rift or problem in your immediate circle. This could be amongst family, friends or work colleagues.

You can help people, gently and steadily, see the other person’s point of view and help them to tackle the issue vs attacking each other. Play this role. Help them heal. 

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GEMINI – The High Priestess

The High Priestess calls on you to access your higher powers and bring forth a piece of wisdom or knowledge that can change the game.

You possess an insight or enlightenment, deep down, that is ready to emerge. It could be a bright idea, a genius brainwave, a new perspective on an old wound, or a silver living to a tricky event.

Meditate, journal, ruminate, take mindful walks. When this lightbulb moment occurs, write it all down, and use what you’ve learn wisely.

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CANCER – Page of Wands

A young person or child in your circle needs your attention, support, and care right now.

They could be a Fire sign (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius) or just have a very energetic and spontaneous kind of personality.

They have been struggling, feeling a little sad, and you can help them face what is bothering them, find comfort in talking it through, and maybe even a solution to the problem.

Be a confidant and an ally. Listen well. Help this person out and feel good for doing so.

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LEO – Judgment

You are going to experience a big wake up call about yourself this Full Moon, Leo, with the Judgment card.

This epiphany could well relate to the ways and means in which you give to, help or support others, and maybe the reasons why.

I think it will call you to question your behaviour so far and to make some adjustments which get you aligned authentically with your values, morals and ethics.

You realise you have misdirected some of your precious generosity in the past and you want to focus more on the people who most need you, the causes which merit the most support. Make changes.

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VIRGO – Six of Wands

Celebrate the successes, this next two weeks, of all the people in your world, and make their day!

The Six of Wands asks you to pay compliments, give credit, and reward people close to you for the things they’ve achieved this year.

Let them know you’ve noticed, you appreciate them, and you are proud of them.

This will create sustained goodwill and also attract more success your way too because you will be reveling in the energy of praise and achievement.

Be the cheerleader for others. Be the person who genuinely observes others’ success. 

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LIBRA – King of Coins

The King of Coins asks you to think about making practical, material, tangible contributions where they’d be most needed in your circle this Full Moon, be that via money, donations, home help, chores or getting stuff done.

Pick a cause locally, or amongst the people you know, and put some time this month into physically helping out.

Litter picking, community gardening, donating to food banks, investing in visiting an elderly neighbour.

Look around, see who needs practical help, and offer it.

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SCORPIO – Three of Swords

You are a deep, wise soul and you understand all facets of human nature well, nothing ever really surprises you.

Someone close to you has been deeply wounded this year, with the bruising Three of Swords, by someone close to them.

It could be a betrayal, a back stabbing incident, or a cruelty knowingly inflicted.

They are still struggling to come to terms with it and you can help them so much.

Lend them your strength, your courage, your positive angle on life, your wisdom.

Spend time listening, let them pour out their heart, let them offload this pain. You alone can help them heal.

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SAGITTARIUS – Nine of Wands

There’s a project or undertaking you already do for good reasons, with an altruistic mindset, that has recently become difficult and troubled. You have felt like packing it in and giving up.

The Nine of Wands urges you to keep going here! The issues you think exist are not half as dire as you suspect.

With one concerted effort you can blast through them and get back to enjoying this endeavour, feeling good about it, and reaping the rewards of your generosity and kindness.

Don’t let a small snag loom large in your mind, resolve to resolve it this week!

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 CAPRICORN – The Devil

The Devil is about temptation, enslavement to bad habits or behaviours, repeat patterns of negativity and paths of least resistance.

It could be a call to action to help set an example, address, maybe even intervene in the struggles you know someone close to you is having with an addiction, a toxic situation, or a repeat pattern in their life- maybe a bad relationship.

Tread cautiously. Find a time they seem ready to talk and just listen. Let them expel their worries, fears, and questions.

See if there is something you can do to distract them at key times, replace the habit, or help tackle the root causes. You are a strong, practical person, and you can be a ~rock~ for them right now.

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AQUARIUS – Five of Cups

Grief is a private, uniquely experienced and intense emotion. We all endure it differently yet many of its faces are universal.

Spend some time this Full Moon thinking about your own experience of grief, your self-awareness and insights, and in how you can help someone you know who has experienced loss this year.

Reach out, ask how they are doing, tell them you think of them and share a memory. Showing that you care will not be forgotten.

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PISCES – The Sun

Just be your happy, kind, caring self and lead by example.

You don’t realise what a difference you can make by doing this, by showing people (vs telling them) what it looks like to be fair, compassionate, understanding and generous.

It comes naturally to you and The Sun asks you to be confident in your moral compass & in your own ethics.

Be more visible and overt about your opinions, good deeds, and kindnesses. Be an example. It’s that easy!  

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