Man slammed for getting woman kicked off a flight and missing her own wedding – but not everyone agrees | The Sun

A MAN has divided opinion after he got a couple kicked off a flight – meaning they missed their own wedding.

The traveller explained that he was travelling with his elderly mother, who needs a walking stick so often asks for wheelchair assistance when at the airport.

He explained on Reddit: "On our recent trip, there was a passenger on our second flight who felt my mother was abusing the airport wheelchair services when she is technically capable of walking.

"She saw my mother walk off of our first flight at a nearby gate without a wheelchair and proceeded to assume that my mother was lying about her wheelchair need."

He said that she kept "pestering them" despite them asking to stop, leading to them calling for assistance from airline crew.

He continued: "The woman was fairly loud/aggressive, eventually being told by the airline employee that she's being disruptive.

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"Eventually, one of the pilots using the computer and printing paperwork for the flight at the counter told the lady that she'd not boarding the flight.

"In response, the woman gets angrier and then starts crying, revealing that we're making her miss her wedding and 'ruining everything'."

However, he said some of his friends and family said they were in the wrong, calling them "a********"and said they should have "been patient and just tolerated the annoyance".

One person on Reddit agreed, saying: "I mean, I do feel for the woman – and her future husband. They probably paid a lot of money for everything, and then whatever guests have had to pay for gifts/travel/clothes."

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But most people didn't agree and were on his side.

One person wrote: "This woman was asked not to bother you. By the account you have given, you didn't ask her to be kicked off the flight."

Another person agreed: "Her behaviour was what kicked her off the flight, not you."

A third asked: "Who is so mean spirited that on what should be one of the happiest days of their life, they’re spending tons of time and energy complaining about an obviously old and infirm woman using a wheelchair because she was technically on her feet before?"

Last year, a woman claimed she was removed from a plane because she was rude to a woman at Starbucks – who turned out to be one of the flight attendants.

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There are other ways you could be kicked off your flight, including the kind of clothes you are wearing.

Buying a cheap ticket could mean you are the first to be kicked off too.

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