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A MAN was left stunned by a clever plane trick which only took "32 years" to find out – and it will massively improve your flight.

The TikTok user, who goes by the name strollinginthesuburbs, revealed the hack on his social media.

He captioned the post: "Took me 32 years to learn this one, but most people don’t realize that their airline headrest does this!"

In the video, he wrote: "Who knew that airplane seats do this?"

He pointed to the headrest during a flight and grabbed either side of it.

He then pulled the side panels forward, so when he leaned his head back, it was supported.

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The video has been watched by 245k people, with lots of others stunned.

One person wrote: "I have flown upwards of 10-12 times per year…since 2004. And I JUST learned this on my last trip."

Someone else said: "I have a flight in 2 weeks. Im going to have to try this!"

Some people joked that this wasn't on all flights, with one guy joking: "I tried this on a Ryanair flight and the whole headrest came off."

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Another TikToker @footdocdana stitched his video trying it for herself, to which she said: "How did I never now this?"

A travel expert has revealed the scary reason why plane headrests are often curved.

Anthony Harcup, Senior Director at design house Teague who works with Boeing explained it is due to something called "delethalization".

According to the New Yorker: "Nearly every element undergoes a safety-enhancing process called 'delethalization': seats have to withstand an impact equal to sixteen times the force of gravity."

“One stand-out feature is the shape of the headrest – which was designed to echo the shape of the window reveals to create a more cohesive passenger experience."

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