Majorca & Ibiza introduce new rules in bars and restaurants to curb partying Brits

PARTY hotspots in Majorca are to have new regulations slapped on them in a bid to control so-called "tourism of excesses" following the return of Brits.

The Balearic government says the two popular resorts of Magaluf and San Antonio will continue to have capacity and table occupancy restrictions in big bars and restaurants. 

Minister of Tourism and Labour and spokesman for the Government, Iago Negueruela, said the establishments will have a maximum capacity of 100 people indoors and 200 people on the terrace.

At the tables, no more than six people can sit inside and ten people outside.

So far, the Balearic government says the situation in the hotspots has been quiet but with more and more Brits now expected following the green light from the UK, officials want to be prepared. 

“An exception was made this week as there was not a large influx of tourists in these areas," said Iago Negueruela .

"Once tourism begins in a significant way, we believe that we have to carry out a prudent de-escalation in this regard and therefore make the same restrictions in some areas as others.

"The restrictions on capacity and table numbers were already being applied until now in the Arenal de Palma area  and in Llucmajor, both in Mallorca. 

"We have seen the good results that these restrictions are having in Arenal and that is why we are now extending them to Sant Antoni de Portmany and Magaluf."

Pubs and restaurants in these areas must close at 2am unless the local council imposes an earlier rule. 

Other rules imposed before the coronavirus lockdown will continue, including bar offers and all inclusives, the prohibition of selling alcohol in shops between 9.30pm and 10am, alcohol offers and street promotions to attract customers.

"Our commitment continues to be zero permissiveness with uncivil attitudes that disturb coexistence in these areas and damage their image," warned Iago Negueruela, who took the opportunity to appeal to citizens "and especially young people" so that comply with the restrictions that are being imposed and comply with the municipal ordinances regarding bottles.

Business owners in the hotspots say they fear the restrictions will hit trade which has already suffered due to the pandemic.

But the Balearic government says it has to act, given the new influx of Brits and the Euro semi-finals on Wednesday.

Magaluf cops have already been ordered to crackdown on "disgraceful" behaviour such as heavy boozing and fights as Brits returned to the party island ahead of summer.

Yet the Balearic Islands’ hopes of staying on the UK’s travel green list have suffered a blow after more than 500 people tested positive for coronavirus in two days.

Currently, all of Spain requires Brits to either be fully vaxxed or have a negative Covid test to enter.

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