Lisbon Mini Travel Guide: Interesting Facts

As the oldest city in western Europe, Lisbon boasts a rich history and naval culture as well as amazing outdoor activities for both foreign visitors and its residents. The maritime city built on the seven hills has enough sights and engaging activities for adventurers, families, and those travel groups like stag crews to have the time of their life!

The city also has some of the greatest monumental structures, such as the Raven and Vasco Da Gama bridge – the longest bridge in Europe. The Portuguese capital is a perfect holiday destination so let’s discover what features and amenities make it such a magnet for tourists.

Stag do’s and nightlife in Lisbon

Lisbon boasts a bustling nightlife that is filled with various types of nightclubs hosting different types of crowds. You are therefore bound to find an ideal place on your Lisbon stag do weekend getaway. You can choose to go partying or take part in all manner of intriguing outdoor activities with your bachelor entourage.

Young handsome DJ playing at the party

Dock’s club is one of the city’s best clubs not just because of the music blasting through the sound system but also because of the stunning interior design and professional service. The club is located at a waterfront and is mostly visited by the city’s youth.

This means that you’ll be immersed in a captivating energetic atmosphere which will fuel you for an all-night party. Each night in this club has a theme that is carried out by the crowd while experienced DJs spin the decks until the roof is on fire, and then some!

What to do in Lisbon

This Portuguese capital city has more than enough activities worthy of a stag do. You can start by sampling local foods which mainly consist of savory seafood and other delights that the Atlantic Ocean has to offer. You can also try out the famous Lisbon sauce which is considered one of the best sauces across the world, hands down!

Those who prefer clubbing can visit different nightclubs that operate throughout the night every day of the week. Since they have different interior designs such as multiple floors or being located on rooftops, you can choose one that provides you with the best experience in your book.
Other activities you can be part of include going on a beer ride which is like a normal ride with the difference being that you can drink as much beer as you can while touring the city, taking part in the adrenaline-fuelled bubble football game, and going surfing.

What to see in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal at Rossio Square.

Lisbon has as many sights and activities for people of all ages and preferences. You can go see Sintra, which is a beautiful city in the outskirts of Lisbon or go to the national tile museum to see some of the world’s best tile designs and patterns.

You can also explore the underwater creatures at the Lisbon oceanarium or see the ancient Portuguese art displayed at the national museum. Other places to see in this city are the plane trees located in Rossio square and the Regal garden at the Palace of the Marquises of Fronteira that is also located in the outskirts of the city.
Whether you are visiting Lisbon because of the epic stag do possibilities, the nation’s rich naval history, mouthwatering cuisine or the abundance of leisurely activities, this city opens its doors to anyone who loves to explore and unwind.

From captivating nightlife hotspots to luxurious resorts and attractions, you and your friends can make a lot of precious memories in this jewel of the Atlantic. Book your plane tickets and see for yourself why so many travelers say that Lisbon is Europe’s best-kept secret.