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A COUPLE on YouTube has revealed a lesser-known safety feature built into their cabin crew uniforms.

Most holidaymakers will already know that a flight attendant's uniform needs to be both stylish and practical for the work that they do.

But what passengers don't realise is that the outfits also have hidden features that flight attendants can use in emergency situations.

Nathalie and Stefano, better known by their YouTube channel Sense the Lens, are former cabin crew members for UAE airline Emirates.

While the pair largely share their travel adventures on the channel, they've also revealed behind-in-scenes secrets as well as their average days as flight attendants.

In a recent video, the couple revealed the hidden features of Stefano's uniform as they got ready for their shift.

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As the duo got dressed in front of a mirror, Stefano held his tie up to the camera.

He said: "You thought our ties were real?"

Stefano then flipped the tie around and showed viewers that his tie was actually a clip-on rather than the real deal.

In a voice-over, he said: "Well look at this, for safety in case some crazy people will pull us from the tie or we got stuck somewhere."

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In the background of the video, Stefano proceeded to clip the tie onto his white shirt.

The video has been viewed over 173,000 times and users flocked to the comments to share their opinions.

One person wrote: "Truly their uniforms look classy not only on this video but you can appreciate them when you actually see them in the airport and on the plane."

Emirates pilot Christian Baker also revealed some secrets of the skies.

He explained that pilots have their own window in the cockpit which they can open, for a number of reasons.

He told Sun Online Travel: "The only windows that open on the aircraft are in the flight deck."

A Love Island star was an Emirates flight attendant before she entered the famous villa.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Laura, 33, has shared her gross passenger stories from her 10 years as a flight attendant.

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Meanwhile British Airways unveiled its first new uniform for staff for nearly 20 years, and it's been designed by fashion legend Ozwald Boateng.

And we want to know if you can tell these airlines from their uniform.

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