Free iPhone upgrade rolled out to millions of users overnight – install it now

iPhone users are being urged to install the latest version of iOS in order to keep their private data safe.

Apple quietly released iOS 16.3 overnight for iPad and iPhone, and while it doesn't add any snazzy new features, it includes some important security updates for your device.

It's free to download and install through your device settings, as long as you're using a compatible Apple device.

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As well as adding a range of security features, Apple has even thrown in a Black History Month wallpaper that you can use for your lock screen or home screen.

The biggest changes included with iOS 16.3 revole around Security Keys. This lets you use third-party and physical security keys to log in to your accounts, instead of using Apple's usual two-factor authentication.

There's also now Advanced Data Protection for iCloud which gives all iCloud users end-to-end encryption on their files.

This is designed to protect your sensitive photos, videos, and documents from hackers and other prying eyes. The feature was first rolled out in the US last year but is now available to all iOS users worldwide.

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There's also a few tweaks to the iPhone's Emergency SOS feature to prevent people making accidental emergency calls, which could previously be activated by people tapping the side button. Now, you'll have to release the buttons in order to place a call.

To install the new update, you just have to tap your Settings app icon on the iPhone home screen. Then, go to General > Software Update. You should have the option to 'Install Now'.

It's important to bear in mind that the iOS 16.3 update is only available to newer Apple devices. So, if you're on anything older than an iPhone 8, you won't be able to take advantage of the new features.


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