I'm a hotel worker and here's the only way to guarantee you've got clean bedsheets in your room

GUESTS might assume that a hotel room is clean when they check in for a night's stay.

But a hotel worker has revealed that hotels often don't change the bedsheets between guests.

A Tiktok user with the handle @hotel_hacks_ explained that housekeepers don't have much time to clean each room – while often working on minimum wage – and they can take a shortcut by avoiding changing the sheets.

She also pointed out some hotels outsource their laundry service and it is too expensive to pay for the sheets to be washed everyday.

She said: "Housekeepers only get 30 minutes to clean a room and 45 minutes to clean a suite.

"Do you really think they have time to clean every single sheet and every single towel after every single guest? No.

"Most hotels outsource their laundry and it's just way too costly to do that after every guest."

She then revealed there is only one way to guarantee that the sheets are clean on your bed – but it won't make you popular with hotel staff.

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She said: "So here's a tip: you can ask the front desk for fresh and clean linens at check in, or bring your own."

The video has been watched 27,000 times and viewers are disgusted that they might have slept on used sheets.

One person wrote: "It's nasty to think you're sleeping [on] other people's dead skin cells. Put hotels out of business."

Someone else put: "OMG! That's disgusting", and a third wrote: "I'm paying hundreds for used sheets? Hell no."

But another hotel worker revealed how overworked cleaning staff are, and that they had even less time to clean rooms at their job.

They wrote: "Our Marriott gave us 10 mins per room and suite. Sheets and towels refolded if dry and sheets if no stains tucked tight. Lots of air freshener, no mopping."

Other hotel staff have revealed that it's not just bed sheets that don't get cleanedbetween guests.

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