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AIRPORT experts have revealed how early passengers should arrive at the airport if they don't want to miss their flights.

Airlines have different guidance on how early people should arrive before their planes are due to depart, but sometimes it can leave passengers rushing to get to their gate.

New advice from airline staff and aviation security services states that passengers ought to be at the airport three hours before an international journey, especially if you have checked luggage.

A spokesperson from Air New Zealand said that the departure time for certain flights can make airports busier and increase the chances of problems arising, so three hours is a good guide.

They told Stuff.co.nz: “Our long-haul flights are generally from midday onwards, so we recommend three hours if possible as there’s usually a few more people around so things can take a little longer."

After bags have been checked, there are a couple more areas in the airport where passengers can get held up, including security and boarding gates.

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Aviation Security Services also told stuff.co.nz that passengers should learn what they can and cannot take through security to avoid any unnecessary or costly delays.

A spokesperson said: “Our advice to anyone flying internationally is to leave yourself plenty of time to go through security screening and to check what can/can’t be taken in your carry."

Travellers have also been urged to plan their outfits, as wearing certain items could also hold you up at the airport.

Trainers may be the obvious footwear of choice at the airport, but they can massively slow you down at security.

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Founder of Sole Bliss Lisa Kay said: "Trainers are certainly comfortable and offer an easy, street-style look. However, they can actually become a bit of a hindrance when you’re moving through airport security.

"Taking them on and off means un-tying the laces and then re-tying them back up again, which can make you feel a bit rushed and flustered as you gather your things."

Cargo trousers are making a comeback, and are perfect for being comfortable at the airport.

However, they can cause problems at airport security due to them having so many pockets.

Travel expert Cheryl Nelson warns: "These items make it easy to forget about something in your pocket that could flag security, such as keys, a money clip, or a small bottle of water."

Flip flops and large jewellery are also problematic items of clothing, while belts can also create delays.

Tiktoker Nicole Jaques (@itsnicolejaques) revealed her best tips for getting through airports quickly, including two big mistakes that she sees passengers making all the time.

The first of those is to turn right when arriving at airport security.

Often there will be two choices of lines to stand in to have your belongings scanned, one to the right and another to the left, but most people for some reason choose to turn right.

That leaves the lines on the left much shorter, with far fewer people standing in them.

Once you reach the front of the security line and have to remove belts, coats and shoes, Nicole suggests that wearing socks is an absolute must, due to the number of germs at the security scanners.

She said: "Wear socks through security. It's the dirtiest part of the airport."

That claim has been backed up several times, including by a university study that looked for the dirtiest part of the airport.

The study, carried out at an airport in Finland during peak flu season between 2015-16, revealed that security and in particular, the plastic security trays, is the worst spot for germs.

This is because it is "almost inevitable" that every passenger will have to go through security on their way from the entrance to their plane.

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