I'm a flight attendant and here are the two ways to stop feeling sick on a plane

FLIGHT attendants have shared clever ways to stop passengers feeling sick on a flight.

Posting on a Reddit thread, someone asked: "How do FA handle passengers with significant airsickness?"

Airline staff chipped in to offer their own advice – and thankfully there are two drinks that can be used to help.

One wrote: "If you're inflight pour a coke into a cup then pass it back and forth from one cup to another 10 times.

"By the 10th pass it should basically be flat. Have the sick person sip on the flat coke very slowly."

Reddit users praised the advice, with many saying it was "interesting" that the hack worked on passengers.

Another person said: "I do this but with lemonade – My grandmother's trick!"

Another drink was also suggested: "Citrus apparently helps airsickness. I learned a trick from another FA to spread the juice of a lemon/lime on a hot cup and to give it to the passenger to smell.

"Passengers have told me it has calmed their nausea down in the past."

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Ginger ale can often help when feeling nauseous during a flight, thanks to the fizz and the ginger flavour being good at settling stomachs.

Here are some other ways to avoid feeling sick during a flight.

A mum and former flight attendant previously revealed how to fly with your kids if they are sick, and how to make them feel better.

Going by the username Miffy, they said the best thing that helped was decongestant nasal spray.

And another expert has revealed why you should never fly if you have a cold.

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