Cyprus set to test just ONE family member – to make it easier and cheaper for Brits to holiday

CYPRUS is considering performing just one Covid test on each family of holidaymakers, making it drastically cheaper for British tourists.

Currently Brits are allowed to travel to Cyprus from August 1, although Jet2 has cancelled all flights and holidays until August 17.

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There are no travel bans in place or compulsory quarantine rules in either Cyprus or the UK.

However, Cyprus has branded the UKa category B country – which means all travellers have to have a coronavirus test up to 72 hours before travelling.

The NHS doesn't offer travel Covid-19 testing, with some private facilities charging up to £200 per test.

Cyprus' top immunologist Dr Leontios Kostrikis told Sun Online Travel that the government was also seriously considering a proposal made by experts to conduct "pool testing" at airports on the island to help cut costs.

He explained: "Pool testing is a technique used around the world and is scientifically sound and the government is seriously considering it.

"If a family of five were to arrive we would mix all five people together and see the result. It would in effect be the equivalent of one person taking the test, instead of five people taking tests at a cost of €60 each.

"We are trying every possible way without avoiding testing to help cut

Some hotels are offering to pay for the test when tourists arrive in the country instead.

But the Cyprus hoteliers association today accused the government of breaking its promise to share costs of testing for Brits arriving in Larnaca or Paphos.

A spokesman accused Cypriot authorities of "failing to honour" the agreement.

Euripides Loizides who represents hoteliers in the southern resort town of Paphos said: "This is a u-turn on previous agreements with the government."

Under the agreement the hoteliers and government would contribute €20 each to the test, and refund travellers their test money.

Spain has been removed from the UK's safe list, meaning Brits now face two-week quarantine restrictions when returning to the country.

Fears that other countries could follow suit due to coronavirus spikes, such as France or Greece, have resulted in Brits cancelling their holidays abroad.

Greece is also testing – and warned that if more than 40 Brits test positive on arrival, UK flights may be banned again.

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