British men abroad are the best customers as they have no shame, says real-life Spanish mermaid who teaches tourists

BRITISH men are the best punters on holiday because they have no shame, according to one Spanish business owner.

While men from the UK might not always have the best reputation abroad due to their  lack of embarrassment, apparently it's exactly what's needed if you're training to become a mermaid.

A mermaid academy in Tarragona, near Barcelona, has plenty of families visiting every summer from across the world.

But according to Susana Seuma, the owner of the The Sirenas Academy, we're head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to taking part in the lessons, which teach people how to learn to swim using mermaid tails.

She told Sun Online Travel:  "English men come with their families, often with their wives and kids.

"They don't have shame or embarrassment about it compared to Latin / American men. 

"When they arrive, they laugh at first but they get used to it and they have no problem with the activity, compared to other nationalities."

The Sirenas Academy was launched by Susana in 2014 in Tarragona, near Barcelona, when her leg was injured after a car crash.

Previously working an office job, she decided to launch the school with her partner Alejandro after she was forced to rely on swimming to help her heal from her injuries.

The school lets kids as young as five have their own 'mermaid tails' while swimming in an indoor pool, while adults also have the chance to swim in the sea nearby.

During the lesson, families can learn about the history of mermaids as well as how to swim using the tails during the day class, with men becoming Tritons and women becoming Mermaids.

Susana said: "We explain things about the mythology of mermaids – the 'sirenas' in Spanish – as well as how to protect the planet and the water, and how swimming is good for the body.

"We then teach people how to swim and move their feet within the tail."

The 90-minute class includes learning how to float and swim with the tails on, as well as additional tricks and moves.

Learning how to breathe underwater is a large part of the class, with swimmers encouraged to dive and swim with the mermaid tail.

Susana continued: "All ages can do it – even young kids, it just takes longer for them to adapt to the water.

"We've had grandparents in their 70s along with eight and 11-year-old kids. The importance of it is that families learn together.

"Gender doesn't matter in our classes. We have a mix of male and female swimmers, and have even had trans students."

By the end of the class, all participants get a certificate saying you learnt to swim as a mermaid where you even get to choose your mermaid name.

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However, with the pandemic, Susana said she was forced to close, with her last class on March 8.

While she said she restarted from July 11, demand has remained low.

Barcelona is on the brink of full lockdown again, with mandatory masks across Catalonia and locals asked to remain indoors unless essential.

She said: "From England, I don't have any bookings at the moment. People ask me if I'm open – but I don't know what will happen."

Classes for the Sirenas Academy start from €49 per person, with photographs and certificates included.

Brits have been returning to Spain since last month after quarantine restrictions were lowered along with the travel ban.

However, new restrictions and an influx in visitors has led to a number of beach closures across the country.

New rules also include mandatory masks in a number of holiday hotpots, such as Majorca and the Costa del Sol.


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