Jacqueline Jossa celebrates her size 14 figure in candid home video

Jacqueline Jossa celebrates her size 14 figure in candid Instagram video but doesn’t rule out going to the gym to lose weight in future

She bravely displayed her curves in a candid and unedited bikini snap on social media this week. 

And now, Jacqueline Jossa has revealed that she finally ‘doesn’t care’ about being a size 12 to 14 as she opened about her journey to finding body positivity in a honest social media video on Sunday.

The I’m A Celebrity winner, 27, said she has finally accepted her curves and embraced being a ‘plus-sized’ woman, but hasn’t ruled out the idea of hitting the gym to lose weight.

Candid: After posting an unedited bikini picture this week, Jacqueline Jossa revealed how she has learnt to love and accept her body in an honest video posted to social media on Sunday

Jacqueline headed to Ibiza for a fashion shoot this week where she shared a behind- the-scenes shot of her in a coral-pink frilled bikini in front of a beautiful outdoor pool. 

The former EastEnders actress revealed her body from two different angles in a social media post, as she claimed she’s finally learned to love the skin she is in. 

In the new video, she thanked fans for the support she has received since sharing the unedited images, admitting that she wrestled with the decision as to whether she should post them, but after doing so, she felt like a weight had been lifted.

She said: ‘It was a decision I didn’t take lightly. But I’m glad I did it, it takes the edge off. If unflattering photos of me go out I just don’t care… I feel like you have got to take the narrative of your own story.’   

‘The truth is I don’t care I’m not a model size 8. I did used to be. 

‘I absolutely loved being size 8 but now I’m a size 12, sometimes size 14 in bottoms because of my big legs and bum. That’s actually OK because I’ve never seen it as a plus size.’ 

‘Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin. It makes me feel really sad that there’s people out there who think they can’t post bikini shots because they have a few rolls or they’re a bigger size than somebody else is.’

Acceptance: The I’m A Celebrity winner, 27, has finally learnt to love her killer curves as she proclaimed in a touching social media post that ‘EVERY body is a bikini body’

She went on: ‘I never really had a huge problem with being bigger. I really do just think you are who you are. I hate the word plus size, but if I am plus size I’m here for it.’ 

Jacqueline also took a moment to celebrate women of all sizes as she doesn’t rule out the possibility of dropping a dress size or two in the future.  

‘If the day comes, and it comes to it and I want to go to the gym, and I want to work out. Maybe I will and I’ll go down to a size ten, but I really don’t care.’  

Squad goals: Jacqueline visited Ibiza for a shoot for her In The Style range and was accompanied by her celebrity pals including Billie Faiers (left) and Charlotte Crosby (middle)

In the caption for her unedited bikini photos this week, Jacqueline wrote: ‘It’s taken a while but I’ve learnt to love both angles.  

‘You guys know me by now and I’m as normal as they come. I’m a working mum and a size 12 and I can’t walk around looking perfect all the time and I’ve accepted that’s completely fine.

‘So this is just a little reminder to all us women that EVERY body is a bikini body and the perfect instagram pics we see isn’t always the reality, sometimes it’s just good lighting and good angles!’

Oh no: The former Eastenders actress revealed that she previously turned down the opportunity to work with In The Style as she didn’t feel comfortable shooting in a bikini

Jacqueline divulged that she had previously turned down work because she felt uncomfortable being photographed in a bikini.

She said: ‘I also had turned down the chance to do a swimwear range with @inthestyle earlier this year as perhaps wasn’t comfortable shooting it…. 

‘But I changed my mind & decided I wanted to create something I was comfortable with and only wanted to shoot it if we could keep it real and honest.’

Her authentic message received universal praise from fans who found it refreshing to see a celebrity who doesn’t fit into the size eight cookie-cutter mould. 

Keeping it real: Jacqueline had second thoughts about posting the unedited snap but ultimately found the decision liberating as she no longer cares about her size

Beauty: The TV star looked radiant on her recent trip as she posed in a collection of summer dresses from her new fashion range that launched on Thursday

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