Benidorm forced to offer more beach booking times after tourists complain of two-hour long queues to enter

BENIDORM has extended their beach booking times after tourists were faced with two-hour long queues last week.

The famous Levante beach is one of the few to enforce booking reservations before being allowed to enter, advising holidaymakers to do so online ahead of visiting.

Long lines outside the entrance were spotted last week, with families waiting hours in 30C heat to be allowed to relax on the beach.

The beach has 1,557 plots that can be reserved for a morning, afternoon or evening slot.

According to local media, 1,487 slots were reserved online on one day last week – leaving just 70 spaces available for people wanting to book in person.

One angry holidaymaker told local media: "This is a shame. I am 86 years old and have come for a month on vacation and 10 hours by bus from Bilbao to now have to be here for two hours."

The initial scheme saw reservations online for the beach open from 12pm. This has since been extended to start at 9am.

Maria Gomez, Benidorm's beach councillor, told local media: "We've listened to the concerns lodged by people and introduced the new hours.

"The council has always said that beach safety measures and the way they are enforced will always be subject to change."

However, many of these have still been booked up 24 hours ahead, with limited spots able to be reserved on the day.

Brits can reserve their spot on the Benidorm beach website.

The website also offers tourists the Poniente beach, which reservations are not required for.

Benidorm has introduced sunbathing zones to allow families to social distance while on the beach.

On both beaches, 13x13ft sunbathing squares are in place – with a maximum of four people per space due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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