Palestinian man climbs hospital wall to watch over his sick mum every night

A Palestinian man who couldn’t bear to part with his ill mother did what he could to ensure he could still be with her.

Jihad Al-Suwaiti, from Hebron – where they are struggling to fight off a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak – decided to find a way to be able to see his mum Rasma Salama while she was in hospital.

So the 30-year-old climbed the wall up to her hospital room and watched over her every night and day through the window, up until she passed away last week.

The elderly mother was high-risk, having been diagnosed with leukaemia.

Once Rasma contracted coronavirus, survival chances were slim. But as with Covid-19 patients around the world, she was not allowed visitors.

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But Jihad couldn’t bear the thought of his mum being alone.

An image of Jihad after he climbed the pipeline one night was captured by passersby and uploaded on social media where it went viral.

Mohammed Safa, a UN diplomat, also shared the image and wrote: ‘The son of a Palestinian woman who was infected with Covid-19 climbed up to her hospital room to sit and see his mother every night until she passed away.’

The image of a crestfallen Jihad watching the window received more than 190,000 likes.

According to local media, Jihad was the youngest son and having lost his father 15 years prior was heartbroken to lose his mum too.

At first Jihad was angry after learning his mother had leukaemia but as she neared her death, grew to accept it.

A hospital official also shared Jihad’s story online where they wrote: ‘He spent most of his day there, observing his mother’s condition from outside the window, before coming down when he was convinced that his mother was fast asleep.’

Online, people really sympathised with Jihad. Others shared stories of losing their own parents.

One person wrote: ‘Lose your mother and it feels like you lost half of your energy, soul, breath. It hurts, really hurts. This year is two years since my mum passed away, and it still hurts me, I cry when I miss her.’

Another wrote: ‘Can this become any sadder when we are only able to comfort our loved ones through a window, phone or tablet? I am also so thankful that we can even do that. She saw her son’s face one last time – I pray she is in peace now.’

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