5 hidden gems in Georgia

We all get bored of monotony of modernist routine driven lifestyle. It is perfectly natural to have this feeling, but where to escape to find the pristine beauty of nature along with old world charm and calmness. The Georgia in Caucasus region of Europe and Western Asia is the perfect destination where you could find a harmonious blend of old world charm modern world facility along with untouched nature. The country at the crossroad of Europe and Western Asia with capital in Tbilisi offers you the diversity of nature along with best cuisine and welcoming people full of warmness. The beauty of Georgia is attracting many tourists worldwide and this has given many websites give many amazing offers when you book your Georgia trip from UAE, India, Sri Lanka, and other places.
In this era of tourism boom when most of the destinations are over flooded, this country still remains unspoiled, offering you the opportunity to experience the glorious past, classical architecture and delicious cuisines. The cobblestoned old Capital city of Tbilisi will welcome you with an open heart and expose you to complex yet fascinating history.
If you want to dig deeper to find fore secluded and peaceful places, here are the 5 hidden gems of Georgia.

  • Narikala Fortress

This ancient Narikala Fortress built in 13 century in the capital city of Tbilisi offers you the window to feel the glory of the past. Although most of the structure was rebuilt in 1990s, but still it is must-see if you are in the city. The location gives you the perfect view of the capital and the meandering Kura River. You have a cable car service here, so if you are tired you can enjoy the cable car ride.

  • Sameba Cathedral

Another hidden gem of Georgia is Sameba Cathedral. This is also known the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi. You will love the night view of the cathedral as it rises to its glory when it lights up. An interesting fact is that it is the world’s third-largest Eastern Orthodox Church.

  • Kakheti

Let us start with surprise. Georgia is the place where wine was invented. If you want to feel the pulse of wine, then you must reach Kakheti. This place is known for producing some of the finest wines of the world. The beauty of the landscape will mesmerize you and remain etched in your memory forever.

  • Batumi’s Black Sea Coast

For little change from the mountainous countryside, you can always reach the Black Sea coast. Although short in length, Batumi city has several panoramic beaches to give you the openness of the sea. The blend of rock and sand gives you different kinds of experience. The calmness of sea and clear water will uplift your mood.

  • Mestia

The picturesque mountain region of Svaneti offers you multiple options to do hiking. Mestia, the main town, is one of the top tourist destinations of Georgia as it offers pristine natural beauty of Caucasus Mountain to relax and explore adventure.

Apart from these lesser known destinations there are several other hidden gems in Georgia that will surprise you. Once you are here, you will come to know about these destinations. Based on your mood and inclination you can visit some of them if time permits. Don’t forget to taste the delicious local cuisine and of course the world’s best wines.