Zoom admits it does not have 300 mln daily users: the Verge

(Reuters) – Zoom video conferencing app does not have 300 million daily active users, the company admitted on Thursday to the Verge, saying it “unintentionally” referred to daily meeting participants as users in a blog post.

The Zoom blog from April 22, in which the video conferencing app announced a 50% jump in users over three weeks, has now been edited to say that the company had surpassed “300 million daily Zoom meeting participants” instead of “more than 300 million daily users”. bit.ly/2x47sEY

“When we realized this error, we adjusted the wording to ‘participants’,” the company told the Verge, adding, “this was a genuine oversight on our part.”

Zoom, which has been heavily criticized for overstating its encryption capabilities, was not immediately available for a comment.

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