You can now send Snapchats without a phone as app launches ‘amazing’ web version

Snapchat is now available on Google Chrome and coming to other browsers soon, meaning you can use the popular social media app without a smartphone.

Snapchat users will not only be able to send the usual disappearing pics, vids, and Bitmoji reactions, but also run video and voice calls all from the comfort of their desktop.

The new feature will initially only be available to Snapchat+ subscribers in the UK, US, and Canada, before being rolled out to all free users.

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If you want to try it out now, you'll need to sign up to Snapchat+ for £3.99 per month or register for a seven-day free trial.

A spokesperson for Snap told Mashable: "We expect video calling to be used [most often] on the web browser version.

"It's used a lot on the mobile version, but given that when you're at your computer, you're generally there for pretty long periods of time. So you have more of the ability and intention to have longer synchronous conversations."

To access Snapchat via the web, you just have to log onto and make sure you have a Snapchat+ subscription or free trial activated.

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The new feature marks a major expansion for Snapchat and its 332 million users as the app competes for space with TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms.

As well as pioneering the 'disappearing message', which WhatsApp has now mimicked, Snapchat has also paved the way for augmented reality 'filters' that now appear on Instagram, as well as 'Snap Map' which lets you see the whereabouts of your friends and family on a live map.

In April, Snap also unveiled a flying 'selfie camera' that can fly around you, take some pics and then land back in the palm of your hand.


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