World’s first ever sweaty robot is capable of breathing, walking and shivering

The world's first sweaty robot is finally here, and it's beyond our wildest dreams.

A team of brainbox scientists have put their heads together to develop ANDI, a 'thermal mannequin' robot that's capable of 'breathing, sweating, shivering'.

It's fully capable of sweating, unlike some other famous Andys, and has 35 skin-like surface with 'pores' that can dribble out beads of sweat just like a real human.

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The 10 robots are the creation of US firm Thermetrics, who want to help Arizona State University researchers better understand how extreme heat can impact the human body.

Konrad Rykaczweski, who's leading the ASU research project, said: "ANDI sweats, he generates heat, shivers, walks and breathes.

"There's a lot of great work out there for extreme heat, but there's also a lot missing. We're trying to develop a very good understanding of how heat impacts the human body so we can quantitatively design things to address it."

Some of the sweaty robots are currently being used by clothes companies to test new clothes, while others are being used to conduct experiments in extreme heat environments.

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The hope is that companies will be able to develop clothes that cool you down or make new technologies that can prevent heat-related deaths—a major cause of fatalities during summer around the world.

The firm has even taken things one step further and created a 'Baby Thermal Manikin', so that the sweaty adult robot has some company (and so researchers can examine infant hypothermia).

The hope is that it can help scientists look at the effects of core temperature changes in babies before or shortly after birth.

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