Woman ‘saved by iPhone SOS’ feature during terrifying assault ordeal on a beach

If you own an iPhone there's one emergency setting you need to activate—it could just save your life.

An American woman has credited Apple for saving her life when she used her iPhone's Emergency SOS function to call for help when a man attacked her in the middle of the night and threatened her with a knife.

Kelli Worst was leaving the beach around 2AM after a party with friends when a stranger asked her for help finding his iPhone.

"He said he was in the military and not from here, and I just immediately thought of my brother, who's in the military," Kelli explained to reporters at Wavy in a harrowing video interview.

She continued: "I figured he probably has to report somewhere in the morning. He's going to be in trouble if he doesn't get there. I just felt bad for him and wanted to help him, and honestly when he told me he was in the military I felt a sense of safety."

The man asked her to call his iPhone multiple times, which made Kelli suspicious as the phone's 'Find My' feature said the number was invalid. The man allegedly started making sexual gestures towards her at this point.

Kelli said she turned around and began to walk away, and made it about five steps before he "came up to me and covered my mouth and nose and tackled me to the ground and had me pinned face down in the sand."

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Kelli reached for her iPhone and said she activated the SOS feature by pressing and holding the side and volume buttons then swiping across.

Police were able to hear everything happening and sent officers to the scene, when the man ran away.

"My phone in my hand and knowing how to activate the SOS feature is what saved my life," she said.

This isn't the first time someone has been able to get out of a dangerous situation thanks to the iPhone's emergency settings.

Earlier this year, a British snowboarder said he was able to seek rescue while stuck in a hole in the ice on a Swiss mountain thanks to the iPhone's 'five click' SOS signal trick.

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