Why has my Sonos app changed? 'S2' controller app launches

Sonos users will have noticed a change on their smartphone screens recently as the company has made some big changes to its software platform.

In line with the new Arc soundbar and updated speakers, Sonos has launched a new controller app called the S2 Controller app. It’s designed for the newer equipment and will be required for feature updates or to work with upcoming products.

However, the company hasn’t abandoned older devices – which is why some user may see the original black Sonos app tile replaced with a new, grey ‘Sonos S1 Controller App’ tile.

At the moment, you’ll only need the S2 app if you own the new Arc soundbar, any Sonos Five speakers or a third-generation Sonos Sub.

However, the S2 app also works with most of Sonos existing product line-up so it’s probably worth upgrading to the new app unless you have several of the older products.

You can use both the S1 and S2 app on the same phone, network and in the same house – but you can’t pair them together.

‘For music services with single stream limitations, like Spotify, playback can only be initiated on one system at a time using the same music service. For example, if you begin playing Spotify on your S2 system, playing from the same Spotify account on your S1 system will stop playback on your S2 system,’ explains Sonos on its help page.

‘Music from the same service can be played to both Sonos systems if you add separate accounts to each one. For some services, this includes different users under one account, like a family plan,’

Sonos does have a trade-in program (that hasn’t been without criticism) so you could offset some of the cost of replacing the older gear with new models. The reason you may consider doing so is because after May 2020 all new Sonos products will require the S2 app to function.

The S1 app will continue to be supported for security patches and fixes, but Sonos won’t be bringing any new features to the older products.

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