Where to buy a PS5 as Argos, GAME stock up on in-demand consoles

If you're after a PS5 it might be your lucky week, as at least three major UK retailers have restocked their supply of the elusive console.

Since launching last year, Sony’s Playstation 5 has become the fastest selling console in the firm’s history – clearing 10 million units in just nine months .

Owing to supply shortages and high demand, it's been incredibly difficult to get your hands on a console though.

Luckily, Argos, GAME, and Very have just reopened their online waiting rooms where people can pick up a physical or digital PS5 bundle. These sites tend to sell out extremely quickly

Order your PS5 console here: Argos, GAME, Very.

Or the PS5 digital console here: Argos, GAME, Very.

Bear in mind that you will need to collect your console from an Argos store, and availability might be restricted by region.

After lacking some exclusive titles, the Playstation 5 is beginning to flex its muscles.

Last week's Playstation Showcase blew gamers away with dozens of major title announcements and trailers, ranging from Marvel's Spider-Man 2 to Wolverine.

It even included a showstopper in the form of a mysterious reveal trailer for a full-scale remake of classic RPG Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic.

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