Very slashes £43 off of Apple Airpods in Black Friday sale

With more than 100 million sales last year alone, Airpods are quickly becoming one of Apple's best-selling products.

These sleek wireless earphones mimicking the iPod's iconic white design promise superior sound quality and great battery life—but they usually come at a steep cost, with the new Airpod Pros clocking in at over £239 new.

Luckily there are already some amazing bargains on Airpods ahead of this year's Black Friday sales, if you're willing to forego the latest edition.

For its Black Friday sales, has knocked £43 off of Apple Airpods, meaning you can nab a pair of these sought-after earpieces for £116 down from £159. Click here to view the offer.

They include a wireless charging case and five hour battery life. Very also let you order them on a buy now, pay later basis, so if you're a bit short on cash you can still take advantage of this deal.

Apple Airpods were first introduced in 2016.

They pioneered new features that are now very common with many wireless headphones, such as touch controls, automatic ear sensing, and fast-charging cases.

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Although the basic Airpods don't have noise cancellation like many other headphones, Apple do offer the Airpods Max.

There are over-the-ear headphones with active noise cancelling and a 'transparency mode' that lets you hear the world around you while you're listening to music or on a call.

There is likely to be a ton of Black Friday Apple Airpod deals as we approach the main sales day on 26 November, so stay tuned for more offers.

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