Ukraine troops ‘turn war into a videogame’ by using consoles to aim machine guns

A popular video games console that's often used for shoot-em-up games has found a new purpose.

Ukrainian soldiers are reportedly using the Steam Deck as part of a remote control weapon called the 'Sabre' in their war with Russia.

Ukrainian news page TPO Media showed soldiers controlling a huge machine gun using the portable games console, which is used to play PC games on the popular Steam platform.

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The 'Sabre' system is designed to let soldiers fight their enemies from long-range and can handle anything from light machine guns and AK-47s to anti-tank rounds.

The idea is that soldiers will be able to operate weaponry without being exposed to enemy fire.

One person behind the Sabre project said in a YouTube video: "Soldiers have been injured because they were on top of armoured personnel vehicles and while protected to some extent, their chest and heads were exposed.

"This device will save lives because the military will not be as exposed to fire."

'Sabre' is only available in Ukraine and was developed with crowdfunding money raised since Russia first invaded Crimea in 2014.

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The website, called The People's Project, has also raised money for drones and hospitals in the territory.

The Steam Deck is a hybrid portable games console created by 'Counter-Strike' makers Valve.

It works a little bit like a Nintendo Switch and can be played in handheld mode or docked with a monitor display.

It can play hundreds of PC games and uses the Steam online games library as a catalogue.

You can currently pick one up from £349 or fork out £569 for a 512GB version. Just be warned that it is only for gaming purposes, not remotely manning live turrets.


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