Two-legged ‘Usain Bolt’ robot breaks world record for fastest 100-metre sprint

Usain Bolt could have his work cut out for him thanks to a super-speedy new robot called Cassie.

The two-legged bipedal robot nabbed a Guinness World Record this year for the fastest 100-meter sprint, clocking in at 24.73 seconds on a running track.

While it's not quite as fast as Bolt's jawdropping 9.58 seconds, Cassie's race is a huge leap forward for robotkind.

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Researchers behind the robot say its knees are designed to bend like an ostrich's and that it uses no external sensors or cameras.

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“I believe control approaches like this are going to be a huge part of the future of robotics. The exciting part of this race is the potential.

"Using learned policies for robot control is a very new field, and this 100-meter dash is showing better performance than other control methods. I think progress is going to accelerate from here.”

If running robots like Cassie keep on advancing, we could just see them beat human runners one day—and even Usain Bolt himself.


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