Twitter down in major outage leaving some wondering if Elon Musk pulled the plug

The popular social media site Twitter has gone down with users completely locked out of the service.

The site went down around 1:05PM today and is seemingly not loading for anybody.

Twitter hasn't yet confirmed an outage and there is still little information about the outage.

However, more than 27,000 reports have been made of the outage the site in the last hour.

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Users are being given an error message when they try to log onto the platform.

The error message reads: "Error – Something went wrong, but don't fret – it's not your fault. Let's try again."

Users are then prompted to refresh the page, which gives the same message again.

Downdetector users are speculating about the cause of the outage. One user wrote: "Looks like their login servers are down, got immediately logged out, and when you reload the login page, it says the page is down."

Another commenter said: "Has Musk killed Twitter?". Some have joked in the comments that "Elon pulled the Twitter plug out" and that "Twitter has gone to Mars lol. Left Elon behind."

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Twitter is currently engaged in legal action against Elon Musk after the Tesla and SpaceX CEO pulled out of a £37 billion ($44bn) deal to purchase the social media giant.

Twitter staff have said that the firm is in chaos with 'nobody in charge' after Musk changed his mind about buying the company.

Senior staff were fired during negotiations and one employee told WIRED that "the entire company is running on autopilot", even describing it as a "s**t show" internally.


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