TikTok users only just realising Apple logo is optical illusion made of circles

It's one of the most famous logos ever created, adorning the back of every iPhone, Mac and iPad in the world.

But all is not what it seems when it comes to the Apple logo, as one TikTok user has discovered it is an optical illusion that has been sitting right under our noses for years.

Graphic designer and TikTok user Thomas Stevens has blown people's minds by revealing exactly how the Apple logo is made—claiming it was created using nothing but a collection of 'perfect' circles, in contrast to the claims of designer Rob Janoff who made the original logo.

Stevens demonstrates in his video how to make the Apple logo using circles.

He first shows how the iconic 'bite' from the apple is a circle, but goes on to demonstrate how multiple circles can be combined to make the shape of the apple's stalk and even the fruit's curves.

It lends support to a theory that the Apple logo was created using the 'golden ratio', a mathematical ratio found in nature that is often used to create visually pleasing designs.

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One user said: "How have I never noticed this before?"

Others pointed out it was obvious all along.

"Did you know the Windows logo is created with nothing but perfect squares," joked one commenter, referring to the window-shaped logo of Microsoft's rival operating system.

However, it might noe be true. According to the logo's designer Rob Janoff, the design was created by slicing up real apples and piecing them back together before adding a 'rainbow stripe' colour scheme.

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