TikTok girl makes £200 off of Amazon returns box – but she’s not happy about everything

From thrift flips to backflips, TikTok has been the source of countless online trends since its inception in 2016.

However, some of the most popular videos on the platform today are aimed at helping people save money and find their dream bargains, including by buying Amazon 'return' pallets.

These are boxes of returned Amazon goods which aren't suitable to be resold. You can buy one for under £100 and get up to £600 worth of items—but the catch is that you don't know what you're going to get.

One TikTok user, Brooke, says she made almost £200 after buying a return box.

"I bought this because of TikTok, it was $125 and apparently there's $600 worth of stuff in here.

"I'm going to resell it and make bank!"

When Brooke first cracks open the box, she finds a sleek-looking Adidas sports bag with new tags and is suitably impressed.

However, the rest of the box wasn't so great. It includes a new belt for an electric sander, an iced coffee maker, and then a Princess-themed fancy dress costume.

She said: "Is this freaking dress up? It's like Elsa and Anna or something."

The box also included an alarm clock, an empty box, a coffee grinder, and a bird feeder.

After testing each item and researching the retail value she estimates that the box is worth $360 (£265).

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Some of her TikTok followers pointed out that she could have had a lot more for her money.

"For $75 more you could [have] gotten a whole pallet, try searching wholesale / overstock / pallet / warehouse on Facebook market for local people," said one user.

Brooke replied: "Someone needs to hook me up with this."

Brooke also said it took 'forever' for the box to arrive as she ordered it "well over a month" before shooting the video. She said she sells the goods on eBay.

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