The iPhone now has a ‘karaoke mode’ thanks to a huge free update released today

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    You can now turn your iPhone into a miniature karaoke machine, thanks to a major free update.

    iOS 16.2 is finally here and gives users a ton of useful and fun new tools ahead of Christmas.

    The new update includes Emergency SOS via Satellite, which allows iPhone 14 users to call 999 or their emergency contacts when they're in outdoor areas without phone signal or WiFi.

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    There's on top of the new free 'karaoke' mode for when you want to play music on your iPhone, which is bound to infuriate parents over Christmas.

    'Sing' is integrated into Apple Music and gives users a slider to quieten or even near-mute vocals in a song so they can join in.

    If you're on a 'Sing'-ready song, all you'll have to do is tap the microphone to see real-time lyrics.

    Perhaps one of the coolest additions to the iPhone this time round is Freeform, a new built-in app which acts like a big whiteboard. You can add friends and family to it to share ideas and brainstorm remotely.

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    How to install iOS 16.2

    iOS 16.2 can be installed on every iPhone model from the iPhone 8 upwards. That includes models such as the iPhone XR, the iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. (However, if you want to take advantage of some of the newest features such as Emergency SOS via Satellite, you'll need the new iPhone 14.)

    To get iOS 16.2 on your iPhone, follow these steps:

    1. Plug your iPhone into a charger
    2. Open your 'Settings' app then tap General > Software Update
    3. Here you'll be presented with a full list of information about what to expect from the update. Once you're happy with it, just tap when you're ready to download and install.


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