Tech companies mobilise plans to help employees in Ukraine

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, technology companies are mobilising to help employees based in the country.

Many American, Israeli and British companies have offices in Ukraine and rely on the emerging tech talent there to bolster their workforces.

But as Vladimir Putin continues his advance towards Kyiv, they are shifting focus to help workers and their families.

In a post on LinkedIn, the CEO of Grammerly, Brad Hoover, said his company remains ‘committed to Ukraine’.

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The learning and artificial intelligence company was founded in the country and has its main office in Kyiv.

‘While we hope for the best, we have also prepared for the worst,’ Hoover wrote.

‘That includes having contingency plans for various scenarios, along with financial and logistical assistance to better support our team members and their families in getting to safety.’

It also claimed to have taken down the website of Kremlin-backed TV channel RT, which broadcasts in Britain.

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