‘Scary’ new Facebook feature lets you find out what the company knows about you

A new feature from Facebook completely changes the way users can manage their privacy—giving a glimpse into the 'scary' ways the social network monitors us.

The new 'Privacy Center' gives Facebook users clearer information on how their data is collected, shared, protected, and used to target ads.

You can use it to find out exactly what the company knows about you, clean up old posts, and secure your profile from strangers and advertisers.

However, don't be shocked by how detailed the data is, as Facebook can almost know everything about you—from which party you vote for to what you bought for lunch the other day.

After years of pressure to reign in data collection, Facebook's parent company Meta has now introduced more stringent privacy tools that allow you to take back control of your private data.

"We're introducing Privacy Center, a new place to learn more about our approach to privacy across our apps and technologies," the company said in a statement. "Privacy Center provides helpful information about five common privacy topics: sharing, security, data collection, data use and ads."

The feature has begun rolling out to desktop users of Facebook in the US, and will become available to all users of the social network in the coming months.

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How do I change privacy settings on Facebook?

To access the Privacy Center, you can go to Facebook's Settings on the desktop version of the site and open it there. The company says it plans to add more features over time.

If you haven't got access to the new Privacy Center just yet, you can still change your privacy settings to keep your data more secure.

Just head to Settings & Privacy on desktop or the mobile app, then hit 'Settings' and go through your preferences, visibility and permissions.

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