Room service robots to bring VR adult movies to your door in Las Vegas hotels

Guests at Las Vegas hotels will soon be able to order VR porn kits on room service, thanks to a new delivery robot.

VR Bangers says it has teamed up with a number of Vegas hotels to offer virtual reality porn as room service.

Discreet delivery robots will rock up to hotels and sneakily deliver a 'VR porn box' featuring an Oculus Quest 2 headset pre-loaded with the company's latest adult flicks.

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The service costs £41 ($49.99) per day and includes a 'fully sanitised' set of goggles. The company says it currently has a fleet of five VR porn robots deployed across Las Vegas, with many more on the way.

The company decided to start using robots after a number of hotels turned down its offer of VR porn headsets.

Daniel Abramovich, CEO of VR Bangers, said some hotels "don't want to be associated with porn even though they show 18+ movies on their hotel TV, which is hypocrisy—because what's the difference, right?"

He added: "The idea to use robots is simply flawless and it changed everything. Hotel rooms no longer have to store our VR porn, the service becomes completely voluntary, and still you can have your favourite VR sex scenes delivered right to your hotel room if you don't have your VR headset around."

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Some of the VR porn is designed to replace the background of the films with that of your specific hotel room, to offer viewers an even greater level of immersion.

Sex is increasingly making it into virtual reality and the metaverse thanks to some saucy tech innovations.

Isabelle Uren, a 'sexpert' at BedBible, believes sex in the metaverse could help people explore their sexualities safely.

She said: "Cybersex in online worlds gives people a lot of freedom for sexual exploration and sexual expression.

"It can provide a space for people to explore gender expression, sexuality, and kinks without real-life experiences."


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