Roblox down leaves thousands of players locked out of popular multiplayer game

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The popular multiplayer game Roblox is experiencing a major outage which has caused problems for thousands of players trying to access the platform.

DownDetector has received thousands of reports of technical issues with the game, locking people out of their in-game creations.

The Roblox team has confirmed there are issues, saying: "We are aware that some of you are having issues accessing Roblox. Our team is actively working on it."

Fans of the game have complained online about the outage, which has been ongoing for some hours. On DownDetector, one player said: "All I want to do is play Roblox and I can't!"

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Another user, Sierra Boxall, said: "I'm sure you can live without Roblox- it's not that bad if they are trying to fix it"

Players are drawing comparisons with a similar Roblox outage in October, when the platform went down for about three days.

This was initially blamed by some by the addition of a free burrito promotional offer to the game.

Rather than being one single game, Roblox is a platform for gamemaking, and has a library of more than 50 million player-made games.

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