GTA creator’s epic new game ‘Everywhere’ will take on GTA 6 with huge open world

One of the co-creators of Grand Theft Auto is working on a massive new game—that could blow GTA 6 out of the water.

'Everywhere', the mysterious new game series from Rockstar North cofounder Leslie Benzies, was first announced in January 2017 with next to no details.

However, the company behind the game, Build A Rocket Boy, has now revealed some more details about the title, which could be one of the biggest multiplayer games ever made.

Referring to the Steven Spielberg blockbuster of the same name, the company says it will be a 'real-life' Ready Player One set in a big-budget open world.

The game will feature a major multiplayer experience with a Roblox-style ability for players to 'create their own worlds'.

It will also include a 'multi chapter epic narrative' with plenty of user-generated content.

The setting of 'Everywhere' isn't quite clear yet, but it's predicted to have a near-future science fiction setting judging by statements from the developers.

On the game's official website, a cryptic text reads: "In the near future, technology has brought humanity to the precipice of a world shifting change.

"There are those who want to use this technology to advantage only themselves and those who want to use it to help all humankind. Will we look to the stars? Or stare only at our feet? Will we be inspired? Or live in fear?"

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A series of job listings suggest that the game will feature in-game transactions, with one economy designer position based in Edinburgh, who said they needed someone who can “balance in-game economy with consideration to player acquisition, engagement and retention.”

In-game transactions are controversial among gamers, and a feature of everything from Fortnite to Call of Duty Warzone.

Benzies, who was a driving creative force behind the early Grand Theft Auto titles, left Rockstar in 2016 and sued parent company Take-Two Interactive for $150 million (£120m).

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