PS Plus update switching consoles on in ‘middle of the night’ and breaking games

The latest Playstation update promises to add some nifty new features to PS4 and PS5 consoles⁠—that is if you can use them.

Gamers are reporting some major bugs following the new system software update.

Some users claim that their systems are asking them to pay for PS Plus to game online, even if they're already subscribers, while others are being told they face age restrictions despite being adults.

Perhaps the spookiest bug of all is that gamers' Playstation consoles are said to be turning on mysteriously in the dead of night, apparently for no reason.

Playstation has confirmed it is looking into issues with the Playstation Network following the update.

Twitter user CharlieIntel explained that the update is stopping Call of Duty players getting online, saying: "A PlayStation system software update went live this morning on PS4/PS5 and appears to be a glitch where the system asks people to get PS Plus to play online, even if you already own PS Plus.

"This may effect your ability to play CoD MP (not Warzone, though) until Sony fixes."

Others claimed their Playstations were starting up for no reason.

"It freaking turned my PS5 on at like 4AM and scared the hell out of me," said one gamer.

One Twitter user said it was "normal for Playstation to do this."

"I've had this happen for at least a year if not more. Its usually around 4am here in the UK. Seriously thought it haunted at first."

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The new Playstation System Software Update adds some changes to the console's user interface, remote play enhancements, and perhaps biggest of all, it lays the groundwork for the introduction of Variable Refresh Rate tech in the "coming months".

Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) syncs up the refresh rate of your PS5 with your TV or monitor, which reduces graphics issues such as screen tearing and makes all graphics look crisper and clearer.

Sony said: "As an added option, you can also choose to apply VRR to PS5 games that don’t support it. This feature may improve video quality for some games. If this results in any unexpected visual effects, you can turn off this option at any time. Both VRR and this secondary option can be turned on or off."

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