Energy crisis lifeline: How to slash YOUR bill by up to £550 after Sunak’s Spring Statemen

Energy bill increase is a 'crisis' for disabled says Martin Lewis

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The Ofgem energy price cap is set to rise by 54 percent in two weeks, adding an average of £693 to household energy in April. Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his Spring Statement today, with a five percent VAT cut on solar panels and heat pumps. He said: “Thanks to Brexit we are no longer constrained by EU law.  “I can announce that for the next five years, homeowners who have materials like solar panels, heat pumps and insulation will no longer pay five percent VAT.

“We will also reverse the EU’s decision to take wind and water turbines out of scope.

“We will abolish all the red tape imposed on us by the EU.

“A family having a solar panel installed will save £1,000 and savings on their energy bills of £300-per year.”

But, people will still be looking for ways in which they can reduce their own energy bills further, without lowering the temperatures in their homes during the winter, or doing jumping jacks.

Speaking to, Zoisa North-Bond, the CEO of Octopus Energy, gave households a key tip that could save up to 12 percent more on their energy bills – taking the total saving to almost £550.

She said: “Hand in hand with rolling out low carbon source as quickly as possible, we’re actually looking at things like energy efficiency measures for customers.

“Almost being able to cut the amount of gas they’re using at homes for instance.

“One of the more successful things we’ve looked at that can cut as much as 12 percent in changing the flow rate on your boiler, which is the way the water flows into the radiator.

“It actually doesn’t change the temperature of your home at all.

“Strangely enough the water comes out hotter than it needs to and it has to go through a cooling process before going into the radiator.”

As per the new Ofgem price cap, those on default tariffs paying by direct debit will see an increase of £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 per year.

This means that the tip suggested by Ms North-Bond can save as much as £236 on household energy bills.

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She continued: “We’ve said to people at actually changing things like the flow rate on your boiler can be helpful.

“We have lots of other energy-saving tips, like being more efficient in the way you’re using energy certainly coming up to the next winter while we’re doing everything that we can do, rolling out cheaper sources of generation.”

Ms North-Bond added to get out of the energy crisis is the longer term, the UK needed to focus on building renewable energy capacity, especially in onshore wind.

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