Own an Amazon Echo? There’s now a good reason to ditch your old smart speaker

If your Amazon Echo feels like it’s on its last legs then there’s now a way to get an upgrade at a cheaper price. Amazon has just announced the launch of its new Trade-In programme which allows customers to hand over their current smart speaker and get money off something a lot more modern.

When you send your old Echo back, you’ll receive an Amazon.co.uk Gift Card and a promotional discount of up to 25 percent for the purchase of a new Amazon device of the same category.

And it’s not just the Echo that can be swapped for something new as eligible devices also include select Fire TV streaming media players, Fire tablets, and Kindle e-readers.

If you think your Echo needs a refresh then the process is pretty simple.

Amazon says all you need to do is Go to the Trade-In Store and search for eligible devices.

Then select the device you’d like to trade-in and answer a few questions about its condition to receive your quote and how much it’s worth.

You’ll then be sent a shipping label allowing you to send your device back to Amazon for free.

Once the retailer has received it and verified the condition, an Amazon.co.uk Gift Card equal to the appraised value of the device will be automatically applied to your Amazon account.

Devices that can currently be traded in include the Echo (1st generation), Echo (2nd generation), Echo Dot (2nd generation), Echo Dot (3rd generation), Echo Spot – Smart Alarm Clock.

If you decide to upgrade, Amazon has just released another set of things to ask your new speaker and here’s some things to try.

“Alexa, give me a healthy living tip”

“Alexa, set a 40-minute cake timer”

“Alexa, do not disturb”
Enable Do Not Disturb mode when you do not wish to receive any Alexa calls or messages. Learn more.

“Alexa, open Fun Kids Radio”

“Alexa, play Classic FM”

“Alexa, open Magic Soul”

“Alexa, connect to speaker”
Play audio from compatible Echo devices on other speakers. Learn more.

“Alexa, play country music”

“Alexa, give me a chicken recipe”

“Alexa, create a to-do list”
When you want to find out what items are on your list just ask, “Alexa, what’s on my to-do list?”.

“Alexa, tell me a joke about coffee”

“Alexa, Simon says ‘stop copying me’”

“Alexa, is it sunny in Brighton?”

“Alexa, announce breakfast is ready”
Ask Alexa to make announcements on all compatible Echo devices in your household or the Alexa app.

“Alexa, set an alarm to country music”

“Alexa, who’s your favourite singer?”

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